Pepita Pesto and Feel Good Things

pepita pesto a top a mound of "semi cooked" spaghetti squash, I like it on the slightly crunch side!

First of all, I must thank all of you who commented and expressed you support in kindness about my habit changing. Its so tough sometimes to pre-program yourself. I have been going to a bed a wee bit earlier (a whopping 30 min). I’m not waking up earlier, but maybe thats good for now. I wake up usually around 8:00am and I don’t think I’ll aim for the 6am wake up call until I’m in bed MUCH earlier.

Tomorrow I have a challenge in that I’ll basically be in yoga classes from 2:00pm until 9:30pm. Not in a CLASS, but yoga training which is kind of like school only no desks. We sit on bolsters and blankets and begin and end with an “Om”. But other than that it feels like school. from about 5pm until 6:30, I’ll probably be driving. Anyhow, there are very few windows of time to eat and I for one don’t want to go hungry (aka, bitch on wheels) and I don’t want to come home and stuff myself silly from not eating all day.

I could bring bars, but to be honest, they give me tummy aches, and I never liked them all that much. I dont like most dried fruit and I’ll probably bring a bag of nuts, although I always do that and still this does not always satiate me. I was considered some sort of wrap/sandwich, although they’ve turned into soggy, stinky messes in the past. We’ll see, I’ll prep some food tonight and hopefully it will be portable.

Moving on….

I do realize change is hard, not matter what it pertains too. However, if you dont find SOME element of joy in the change, it will never stick. And I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly happy go lucky these days, and I’ve been finding little joy in most things. So I tried really hard this week to take note of moments where I feel comforted and even slightly joyful. Note: I meant to find things that DID NOT involve eating or exercising because I know with my history, those elements can be taken to extreme and possibly damaging. I suggest you come up with a list like this, for when your angry or sad, take one thing from that list and become slightly more joyful. Without further ado, heres what I got:

-Listening to NPR, my favorite shows are “Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me” and “Car Talk”. Seriously, if you’ve never heard of these shows, trust me, download a podcast and listen. You’ll crack up within seconds and you feel slightly smarter.

-Watching Entourage, Curb your Enthusiasm, or Family Guy: I dont watch as much TV as I used to, but I love these shows and never feel like I lost brain cells watching them (unlike shows like “Real Housewives” or anything on MTV or VH1)

– creating “feel good” playlists. Sometimes listening to good music changes your mood. I know is cheesy, but I took a yoga class once and the teacher had “Here comes the Sun” on the playlist and I couldn’t help but smile.

-Google-ing cute pictures of animals: my solid heart melts at some of these pics. Especially the puppies. When I lead  a really physically hard yoga class (ie, I hold them in plank for over a minute),  I always say “O think of cute little puppies! And kittens! And bunnies! O puppies!”. It loosens my students up, but seriously, puppies make me happy. BTW, does anybody find this funny that “googleing” is a verb now?

I think this was when I got a blowout in Israel this past winter, I look awful, I took some serious guts for me to post this

-having someone play with my hair or scratch my back. Some people hate this, but I have always loved it. My poor roommate, all those night where I’d lay my head on her lap and beg, “please!!!! play with my hair!!!!”. I love going to the hairdresser, I want a hairdresser that just “plays” with your hair. How twisted is that!

being drowned by stuffed animals at ikea makes me feel good too! did I mention i'm five

What makes you feel good that does NOT involve food or exercise? surely you have something more mature having someone play with your hair.

I took a picture of this bunny at a park by my grandmothers apartment in Belgium, I wonder if he likes waffles? Bunnies make me feel good, especially Belgian ones.

For the record this isnt my cat. I'm not a cat person. But this particular cat thinks he's a dog, so i let him watch me eat and blog. And this cat, as well as blogging, make me feel good!

I have no brilliant transition to the recipe.

I bought a giant bag of raw pepitas (pumpkin seeds) last week and made pesto out of it and the remains of my fresh basil. Heres what went in (makes 1 serving):

-2 tbs dijon mustard

-4 or five fresh basil leaves

-4 small raw or cooked cauliflower florets

-1tbs nutritional yeast (aka nooch)

-1/8 cup (two tablespoons) of raw pepitas

mix it up in a food processor, blend, bullet, and enjoy!

17 thoughts on “Pepita Pesto and Feel Good Things

  1. You have patience to have a cat…I was an animal-lover as a kid…now I have no patience whatsoever.

    I think that is my main struggle. I feel like FOOD is my “life” and I really have no capability of exercise…that is a big strain that I don’t think people “understand”. As a former athlete, its taken me over a year to “try” to deal with it and every day is still a battle (i.e. I don’t exercise, but I feel like a failure and confused ball because of it).

    You inspire me. I find myself curious about your specific journey and how you have come to this place of more positivity (or so it seems) and athletic ability.

    Pack lots.
    I know what you mean about car trips, etc…I am so “rigid” now with food (literally every 2-3 hours) that those situations cause me some anxiety.

    That is not cool. I have got to let it go…but, jeepers, it is a trial.

  2. dont get me wrong, I’m not a ray of positivity, but I”m trying to find it. I dont know what athletic capability you are referring to. I mean, I although I used to be an exercise addict, I’ve always hated it and I always nearly failed PE. And the fact that I’m a yoga instructor does not make me flexible, in fact, I can’t even touch my toes. I might the tightest yoga instructor on the planet.

  3. The pesto sounds yummy. I agree that you have to find some element of happiness in change. I really enjoy sitting out on the patio reading when I get the chance. Just relaxing. It’s a shame I don’t enjoy cleaning, that’s be an ideal feel good thing 😉

  4. I always bring an almond, honey, banana wrap when I am on th go. Doesn’t smell, so thats good!
    I love getting pedicures just for the foot massage! I wish I could just go there and get a foot massage for hours. 😉

  5. Hello beautiful 😀 You are such an inspiration, I hope you realize that, and I’m so glad you’re finding ways to cultivate happiness through unexpected things and changes 🙂 Change is such an amazing thing! I love animals, especially sea critters, they are SO magestic and just mysterious…ah I love them. Bunnies too, totally 😉

    Enjoy your night, and you are SO welcome to come on vaca with me next time 😀

    Love always,

  6. i can feel you on the fruit and nuts bars. they give me a tummy ache too. i guess it’s just too much of the good stuff that can also make the tummy upset.
    i prefer having a sandwish or a pack of soymilk or something on hand.

  7. Hi friend – oh boy – do I understand what you are saying. I made a similar list. My list involved looking at my husband and daughter play together, sitting in the sun, hearing Ray LaMontagne, talking to a friend, helping someone, cooking for others (I know – involves food – but cooking is cathartic for me), drawing, painting (I suck), making jewelry, sewing, etc. My uncle, who has parkinson’s but is totally an inspiration, ever stops – says ‘good things are all around us – we just have to take notice and grab them’ – I try to internalize that. I really do. Another excersise I did – sorry for the long post – is the things ‘I believe in’ – and “What I am”. Things I believe in were ‘big’ things – and ‘What I am’ was meant to help regarding who I was other then a recovery anorexic. I hope this helps. xoxox

  8. me thinks you should pack up some crispy spag squash (i love mine crunchy too! i actually love after you pull the strands out and theres still some left in the crust. i just take a fork and dig in haha) anyways pack up your squash and pesto and chow down mid downward dog. everyone will be so jeal.

    anyways i’m glad you’re staying positive girl 🙂 you’re SO much stronger and braver then you give yourself credit for!

  9. it is so important to find joy in life and to make it happen…….love that you are doing the yoga training-how wonderful!

  10. Bars totally give me a stomach ache too, I do believe it is the nuts and high amount of sugar! I am okay with this though because I never really jumped on the Larabar bandwagon.

    I am not a cat person either but I do love that photo of you and the cat! Very cute.

  11. i LOOOVe when people play with my hair! i know some people who hate it and they are cuuuhhhrazy! i am obsesssed, It could put me to sleep…my poor BF haha. Bars, its not that they give me a stomach ache but they always leave me unsatisfied. The only ones I do enjoy are luna bars, but the rest…meh just a good flavor for the time then…NOTHIN’

  12. every time I go to my parents house get my mom to scratch my back or play with my hair!! I love it!! not weird at all girl

  13. I love going to the hairdresser just for that, too!! I don’t like all the small talk..if I could just sit there, close my eyes, and have someone mess with my hair for an hour (or all day) I’d be perfectly happy. 😛

  14. You look so cute in that picture! How about buying a bag of mini pitas, hummus, almond butter, turkey deli meat, a banana or some soup/chili etc? Looking at pictures of good times and family helps–as does reading, browsing the ‘home/kitchen/bath etc’ section of department stores (Bed Bath Beyond), going to CHAPTERS, movies and googling beautiful pictures that I can set as wallpaper on my computer/ or live through vicariously!! Sometimes I google pictures of my favorite places around the world (Prague) or places I want to go! Actually, what makes me feel the best is when I get a massage! It is the ONLY time I feel I can actually shut my brain off, not worry, stop being to tense and just BREATH. It is like therapy for me!

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