Curry TVP or Turkey “muffins” and Habit Changes

on a bed of cinnamon riced cauliflower with a little more coconut butter!

I’ve read over the giveaway comments about what you would like me to post about, and many requested a whole archive for the recipes. I’d love to do that, but I’m new to wordpress and can’t figure it out. Did I also mention I’m not very tech savy??? Even my MacDaddy (its the name I’ve given my laptop, yes, I name my possessions. My feet are “bamber” and “basset”) which the most fool proof computer confuses me. So if you want to help me out, shoot me an email:

moving on….

I was very tired this weekend. I have no good excuse for it either but I know I only got about five hours of solid sleep a night. I’d go to bed late, wake up early, and now look like a dishevled hot mess of a zombie. I don’t know why all this self sabatoge.I should have taken naps. But I was afraid of not being able to fall asleep at night, and I had stuff I needed to get done. I thought, “O, I don’t want to waste my time with a nap!”. Its strange, but I has the feeling I was treating sleep like I used to treat food.  Having very little, and convincing my self I really don’t need much of it.

But like food, I always loved and still very much adore sleep. My bed is cool, with all white sheets so I feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. I cherish sleep so much, but it seems I’ve been restricting on it.

Odd concept, no.

NOT my dog, it was my roommates' boss' dog, I am a sucker for doggies so I'll always gladly dog sit, and sleep

I’m currently trying to reprogram my sleeping routine. Ideally, I’d love to get up at the ass crack of dawn, have a nice light breakfast, go to the gym super early before the rush hour, come home, have a second, leisurely refueling brunch, do some work, teach my yoga classes, and hit the sack by ten pm.

Ha….this is SO not what I do.

Its not far off, but I do this all much later. I usually dont get to sleep before one am. I dont find myself eating very much throghout the day cause I get so busy, so when I come home, I basically feel like I’m making up for missed snacks and meals so I end up feeling like I’ve just had Thanksgiving dinner when I do go to sleep.

And dont take any offense other bloggers, but blog surfing definetly keeps me away from hitting the sack earlier.

So I did some research about changing habits and found a wonderful article from zen habits. I encourage all of you who have habits you’d like to change, or goals you’d like to accomplish to try some these out.

I love the Habit Change Cheat Sheet, here are some suggestions I think I’ll use:

1) Write it down. Just saying you’re going to change the habit is not enough of a commitment. You need to actually write it down, on paper. Write what habit you’re going to change. I will also do this publically, on my blog right now:

“I will change my habit of going to bed late and waking up early, I will go to bed much earlier so that I get a solid 8 hours a night”

There I wrote it out. I’ll do it on paper as well.

2) Make a plan. While you’re writing, also write down a plan. This will ensure you’re really prepared. The plan should include your reasons (motivations) for changing, obstacles, triggers, support buddies, and other ways you’re going to make this a success. More on each of these below.

  1. Know your motivations, and be sure they’re strong. Write them down in your plan. You have to be very clear why you’re doing this, and the benefits of doing it need to be clear in your head. If you’re just doing it for vanity, while that can be a good motivator, it’s not usually enough. We need something stronger. So what’s my motivation? To feel better, more well rested, regulate my eating patterns, and catch the sunrise!

4) Have strategies to defeat the urge. Urges are going to come — they’re inevitable, and they’re strong. But they’re also temporary, and beatable. Urges usually last about a minute or two, and they come in waves of varying strength. You just need to ride out the wave, and the urge will go away. Some strategies for making it through the urge: deep breathing, meditation, a good book, eating someting light but comforting, calling a support buddy, post on the blog. This is applicable I think to most habits, I suggest you try some of them out for your own goals

  1. Prepare for the sabotagers. There will always be people or things that are negative, who try to get you to do your old habit. Be ready for them. Confront them, and be direct: For example, I’ll need to shut off my computer or maybe leave it my car, pack more portable snacks so I’m not ravenous when I get home, and maybe shut my phone off.
  2. If you fail, figure out what went wrong, plan for it, and try again. Don’t let failure and guilt stop you. They’re just obstacles, but they can be overcome. In fact, if you learn from each failure, they become stepping stones to your success. Regroup. Let go of guilt. Learn. Plan. And get back on that horse or in my case, get to bed already!

So I’ll keep you updated on my habit changes, hope you try these tips out as well and let me know how they work for you.

So for today’s recipe, I went “Indian” and made curried turkey meatloaf muffins! I also have a vegetarian option for these:

-1.25 lbs of ground turkey or 1 cup TVP granules

-2 large grated zuchinni

-1 egg

-1 tbs coconut butter (the secret to this whole thing! turkey is very lean so this is awesome to give it a nice flavor!)

-curry powder

-onion powder

-salt n peppa

-garlic powder

mix it all up and bake at 400 degrees for about 30 min. I added some extra curry powder on top. I like these cause they are individual servings since I used a big muffin tin pan. You could certainly just form them into six little loaves or a big one and just cut it into six slices. Enjoy!

15 thoughts on “Curry TVP or Turkey “muffins” and Habit Changes

  1. love the habit changing tips
    i would love to get up early too but it’s just not my personal biorhythm flow and i hate fighting nature…so we go to bed super late and get up by 8:30a but yeah girl, i hear ya, would love to get up super early. that would involve before 2:30am bedtimes tho round here!

  2. Good tips..I’m trying to do the same thing. I always try to get to bed by 10:00 but then 11:00, 11:30..they all come so fast! And then morning comes even faster :/ I think we need every other day off to just sleep in. 😉

  3. yesterday i did yoga outside at my summer cottage for the first time in SO long and it felt AMAZING. i felt like a total yogini afterwards with the fresh air and stretching. talk about zen.

    what is this about coconut butter? i’ve seen it on other blogs but nobody will tell me what it is! what’s up with that. so you better 😉

    i like this turkey muffins! i will totally make them as soon as someone tells me what the heck coconut butter is haha

  4. I’m kind of the opposite, in that I like going to bed early and love sleep. However, like you, I seem to restrict it at times, even getting up early when I don’t have to just so I don’t feel lazy “doing nothing” and sleeping or napping. However, not good, as you know. I think it’s a very smart idea to start packing mini-meals and making food ahead of time so that your whole night isn’t spent eating and disrupting your sleep.

    If you make the eating at night less of an “event” and spread it out throughout the day, you’ll most likely find you’ll feel a bunch better, have more time to cuddle with cute-ass dogs and catch some extra sleep. It might take awhile to get used to, but eat more earlier, girl!

    I am no help WordPress-wise, but I will email you when I get a chance 😉

  5. I’m the same way… I mean to go to bed early, but then “other things” happen, and I just… don’t. But I guess if I say that 10.00 is my official bedtime, and I get to bed at 11.30, it’s better than intending to go to bed at 11.30 and ending up doing it at 1.00 AM instead…

    ❤ ❤

  6. love this post! I do the same thing i’ll get busy or for whatever reason not eat hardly all day, and then munch all night until I feel like Im going to explode! I think thats why I eat so much sweets at night sometimes too..I need to work on it!

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhh my sleep habits are horrible!! I need to change it, some nights my mind runs so much, and then some nights I sleep but never sleep as much as I should!

    THis recipe looks delish as ever! Im so hungry right now too! lol!

  8. Zen Habits is such a great site! Love it.

    Blogsurfing does keep you away from the haystack. I try to shut down my computer at least half an hour before I go to bed, relax a little, do a 10 min meditation. Sleep comes so much easier that way!

  9. I would love to wake up early too but its just not in me to sleep early. Even if I manage to get into bed at a decent time,I am only tossing and turning! You have some great tips here!

    Loved the curry meatloaves!

  10. I don’t get much sleep – at all. I go to bed late and I wake up super early. I also eat a lot during the day and STILL eat a ton at night…before bed…when I really ought to give it a rest. Oh well.

  11. Thanks for checking out my blog – I love yours, you discuss so many interesting topics! Can’t wait to read more.

    The habit changing tips are great. I’m working on a post on long-term behavior change (my undergrad degree – Community Health Education – strongly focused on behavior change). A good tip that goes along with “prepare for sabotagers” – find a support system! -people who will encourage you when needed.
    I’m naturally an early-to-bed-early-to-rise kinda girl, my body needs most of its food early in the day so that helps. I definitely stay up later than planned reading blogs though!

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