Pad Thai and “What’s in a Name?”

quick, easy, gluten free, not very "traditional" but neither is my name

Its actually kind of mind-boggling to think that your parents have such power when they choose your name. Essentially, you become THAT name, or does you it become YOU?

Of course, you can always choose to change it legally, as my good friend Averie has done.

But most people live our entire lives with it. We respond to it, and it becomes our label.

For the longest time, I hated my name. And before I get into this, I bet your mispronouncing it. You’re probably thinking my name is pronounced, Eee-den.

Nope, its actually pronounced Eh-den.

Do I respond to Ee-den? yea, its the way people say it when they see it spelled out in front of them, and sometimes, I just get too lazy to correct them. I mean at starbucks, I dont even bother, I just say my name is “Snow White” or something.

My mother and father called me Eh-den, and thats my REAL name. Its the Hebrew name of Ee-den, but I also think it sounds softer, nicer, more…me.

I really wanted to change it growing up. No one had weird names on the playground. It was a different time, not like today where people name their kids “Apple” or “Moses”. I wanted to be “Jennifer”, “Mandy”, “Rachel”, anything but my name.

I don’t think my parents thought twice about what would happen when i would go to school with such an unusual name. I’m not sure about the whole story about how they selected it, but all I know is my dad wanted to name me “Zohar” so maybe I got off lucky (incase you’re wondering, “Zohar” is the book of Jewish mysticism, aka Kabbalah, you know that thing Madonna is obsessed with).

However, it was around college where I truly grew to not only like, but LOVE my name. First of all, everyone remembered me. I went to a fairly small high school, and my public university was GIANT. So many names, so many blonde, tanned, girls.

It was actually nice to stand out a bit, and have an unconventional name.

When I went to treatment, I had to give up my other identity, my disorder. It was nice to know that there was a difference between “eating disordered” me, and “Eden”.  Because “Eden” is not disordered. “Eden” is what I like to think of as my healthy self. “Eden” is creative, funny, outgoing, and kind. But “Eden” gets shut out by the the disordered seed within me. I’m not “Eden” when it kicks in. When it kicks in, I’m not that creative, I isolate, I’m harmful to myself.

Anyhow, I think my name is beautiful and I would never want to change it! Call me an egomaniac but I would call me own daughter that if it wasn’t already mine (but sucks for my kids! I got it first!).

I do often sit in traffic when I’m bored and think about what I’d call my own children. I do think I will name one of them after my mother if I have a girl (for those that don’t know, my mother passed away from breast cancer when I was thirteen). Her name was Leora, it means “to light up” in Hebrew, and truly, thats what she did.

So how about you? Do you like your name, did you also go through a period where you wanted it to change? Have a list in your head for your kids’ names?

Today’s recipe is cool. I picked up  bag of lagostino tails at Traders today after yoga training. So I thought I’d make a cool version of pad thai, this is for one serving:

they are so cute in the pan!

-1 large grated or chopped zucchini

-about 20 small lagostino tails

-cooked spaghetti squash

-sliced nappa cabbage or a cole slaw bagged mix

sautee everything and add my almond butter sauce!

mmmm.....almond butter sauce!

almond butter sauce:

-cooked cauliflower (about a handful)

-spoonful of dijon mustard

-1 tsp coconut oil

-1 tbs almond butter (or peanut butter, but I’m lately in love with raw, crunch almond butter!)

puree in a blend or bullet and pour on the pad thai!

12 thoughts on “Pad Thai and “What’s in a Name?”

  1. First of all, I know why I’m at home on at 10pm on a Saturday night – I have a child and I’m a boring person. What is your excuse?

    Secondly, I am not crazy about my name, especially when kids used to call me Amino Acid. I wanted to name Maya either Isabel or Emma but apparently those were not acceptable names according to Ali’s family. So we went with Maya, and I am actually happy with that name! It is easy and people can pronounce it.

  2. Lovely post, beautiful name!

    I used to want to change my name because I thought it was too boring, too common. But now I love the meaning behind it: Amanda literally means “beloved.” Sweet, no?

    I think of what to name my children, too. 😉

  3. Oh yes, I hated my name most definitely. I was also embarrassed of my crazy last name. I thought kids would think I was lying when I told it to them. In the end, I kept it when I got married if that tells you how proud I am of it now. Thanks for clarifying how your name is said – I can stop saying “EEden” in my head now 😉

  4. I hated my name so much that when I was in the third grade, I started writing my middle name on all of my papers… it was halfway through the year before my teacher realized that I don’t actually have a middle name. I don’t hate my name anymore; it’s just irritating that nobody can ever seem to spell it correctly!

    ❤ ❤

  5. My name is pretty easy to pronounce…April Jones. That’s as easy as they come.

    I admit, I thought it was EE-den. Now i’ll think it differently!

  6. Hey Eden,

    I am new to your blog and i think that it is great! I have a question for you that may seem kind of weird, were u on the show “Millionaire Matchmaker”, because there was a girl named Eden who looked just like you and had recoevered from an eating disorder and was a chef? Just curious, have a great day!

  7. I really like your name – it is not common. The first time I heard it was when Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives) named her twins Eden & Savannah. Nice name.

    You seem to be an “unconventional ” eater, ha. Do you ever have blogger trends? Yogurt + oats messes? oatmeal? Hummus wraps ?
    Your recipes are creative. I like the nut butter sauces. I honestly put nut butter on everything (everything…fruits, cereals, …potatoes…on chicken and fish, no joke…if its needs nut butter 🙂

  8. I truly love your name. Yes, I thought it was Eeeee-den (at first) but wondered if I had mispronounced it when you mentioned your heritage. Eh-den, like AYden/aiden?
    Like the AY sound in SAY, Amy/AImee? Anyhoo.. no matter what, both names are beautiful and more importantly, so are you! And by that I mean as a person- inside and out!

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