Secret Eating and Blackberry Chocolate Fro Yo!

the nooch really gives it a good kick, like the salty caramel hot chocolate from starbucks!

I read an article a few months back about women’s habits of eating in secret. Its not necessarily the eating in secret, but also the what. One woman confessed to only feel comfortable eating hot dogs with cheese whiz alone because of the fear of judgment that its “weird”. After asking some friends of mine, I think many of us eat differently because we are alone. When I was younger, most of my eating was not in front of people. I’m sure many rumors swirled around when I was starting college or in high school about how I must be anorexic because I was so thin. I was indeed malnourished, but I definitely ate. I ate alone often, and massive amounts of what I though of then as “safe” food. I also exercised compulsively, that contributed a lot to it.

It took me a while to get used to eating in front of people. And I I think when I AM alone, I eat slightly differently.

I think I tend to eat more when I’m alone, I get bored and wont want my meal to end.  Do I prefer to eat alone? Sometimes, but sometimes, I do enjoy the company.

There are definitely things I do that I would not do with others. For example, I dont do this anymore, but I used to have the habit of getting fro yo in the winter, blasting the heating in my car, and sitting in a vacant parking spot, reading some trashy magazine while eating ice cold yogurt. Weird, and I would never do this with someone else in the car. But it was like my little sacred “me” time. No one could pass judgment of me and call it “weird”.

There is an old Sex and the City episode where Carrie talks about the SSB: Secret Single Behavior, things you never do in front of your boyfriend (and as it turns out, anyone for that matter). Carrie’s SSB was eating saltines with grape Jelly standing up while reading Vogue. I believe Miranda liked to put her hands in those vaseline gloves while watching Jon Stewart. Charlotte would examine her pores (I do that more than I’d like to admit) and Samantha naturally felt uninhibited and did EVERYTHING in front of everyone, naturally!

So many people have eating habits that are not considered ‘normal,’ that it’s actually more ‘normal’ to have some sort of neurosis around food, and to not fit in with the idealised picture of healthy eating.

So how about you? Are there things you only like to eat alone for some reason? Are there things you like to do ONLY alone? So you prefer to eat with others, or is alone better for you? Do you have “weird” eating habits you don’t want others to see?

Anyhow, speaking of my fro yo alone habit, I’m happy to day its been a while since I did that. But  made some at home today before the yoga class I assisted in! Heres what I put in the mix:

-1/2 cup chocolate almond milk

-one 6oz container of blackberry yogurt (any brand you like will do, even plain or greek yogurt will work)

-1tbs cocoa powder

-1 tbs chocolate protein powder (I used Jay Robb, you dont really need the protein powder but I had a little left over so I thought, “why not?”)

-sprinkling of nooch (totally optional, but I like the slightly salty sweet combo, try it!)

If you do not have an ice cream maker:

You can whiz it up and put in into an ice cube tray and then blend it in the blender or use my “ice cream” in a ziploc bag trick.

Also, my good friend Averie is giving away and awesome cookbook, Ani’s Phyo’s Raw Food Essentials Cookbook! If the recipes are as good as Averie says, I might be able to try going raw for longer than an hour! Go me!

14 thoughts on “Secret Eating and Blackberry Chocolate Fro Yo!

  1. hmm im both ways! Im much more MINDFUL of my food while im by myself and not when im with others! but i love the social part of eating w. others!

  2. Great post, as it’s something I kind of think about from time to time. When it comes to my behavior in general–with food or exercise–I always ask myself, “Is this something I would do if I wasn’t by myself?” In other words, would I work out that much or restrict, etc. if that one person were with my the whole entire day? This makes me think about why I am deciding to do what I’m doing and whether or not it’s “disordered.”

    I can eat in front of others with no problem, but I just prefer not to (and really don’t have that many opportunities on a daily basis.) It’s not that I worry about what they think of my food, but rather that I just like meals to be “my” time. If I want to eat something in a weird way, I don’t want questions. That might be disordered, but I’m working on it. A meal should just be a meal, right?

  3. I admittedly put Carrie’s SSB into action after I saw the movie. The verdict? I don’t like to eat standing up or while reading a magazine.

    I consider breakfast my “me” time. I usually get up before my boyfriend and I like to sit down with my oatmeal (or something else if I am feeling adventurous that day) and just eat in complete silence. There is just something about starting the day off alone, in silence, and with good food that just sets the tone for the rest of the day for me. Sometimes I’ll put on music, but I usually enjoy the silence.

    I also will only do yoga at home if I am alone. If my boyfriend is home, then it just takes some of the focus away because he will constantly come talk to me during. When I am home, it makes it less special and harder for me to connect within myself unless I am alone.

    And lastly, I sometimes (once a month, maybe?) eat pb chocolate chip sandwiches alone. I won’t do it in front of anyone. They are delicious and I don’t need anyone passing judgement, haha.

  4. I tend to eat healthier by myself..I feel like b/c of past habits, my family and friends TRY to get me to eat unhealthy or to eat more then I want to. It’s really annoying lol and Im fully aware of when their doing it, so I try to eat good around them, but also trying to stick to what I want which is USUALLY healthy.

  5. Oh this is so true. Luckily I married a man who likes weird concoctions like me. So I can eat my almond cheddar cheese dipped in ketchup while standing in the kitchen and not think much about it, haha. Yes, weird, but I like it! When we go out to a nice restuarant, I find it easier because the flavors are so much better and you can appreciate it more. Does that make sense? Anyway, great post!

  6. Haha, I can *sorta* relate to that. Now I don’t feel embarrassed by the stuff I eat because usually the people around me want some too, haha! But I felt that way when I first started eating peanut butter omelets…people thought I was nuts 😛

  7. I definitely eat differently when I’m alone…and I eat alone so much more often than I eat with people because I live alone and eat most of my meals at home. But when I do eat with others, there are certain things that I just won’t do….I might eat less veggies because sometimes the amount of veggies I eat gets ridiculous. I feel pressure to eat more balanced meals or something that looks more substantial to prove that I don’t “eat weird” like most people think. Also, I don’t do silly little things that would be awkward to do around other people…like double dipping in the hummus container.

  8. Hmmm.. good question! I eat most of my meals alone since I’m on the go usually. But I also tend to eat them way too quickly when I’m alone.. when I’m with others it seems as if I’m more mindful!

  9. I eat much more often when I’m alone than when I’m with people simply because they’re usually on the “three square meals” thing and I eat about every 2 hours. But as far as what I eat, it’s generally about the same. If I’m cooking with someone in my home, though the meals are a bit different cause mine are usually loaded with veggies and some sort of messy I pretty it up a little lol

  10. This is a great post! I end up eating by myself a lot of the time…mostly I think because I eat right when I’m hungry. I can’t wait around for other people…I’ve got an inpatient belly, lol!

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