“Guac Bowls” and 5 for 5

It was an intense day at yoga school. No “yoga” but plenty of anatomy lectures. Thank goodness we could eat through the entire thing! I will talk about some of the interesting stuff I learned tomorrow.

Heather passed this along to me the other day. It’s called 5 Answers for 5 Questions. Since I saw some people commented on the giveaway page that they’d like to know more about me, this is a cool way for you. I’m not entirely serious though on most of these, but you’ll know which ones are obviously written to get a giggle out of you. Enjoy:

1.) What was on your To-Do list today:

  • relax
  • feed boss’s dog and walk her
  • eat….no hesitation there
  • blog, and blog surf a bit, I’ve been so busy today from yoga school, that I miss out on my other bloggie friends
  • attempt to clean and fold my laundry but accept that I may pass out in a food coma before I get a chance to do that

2.) 5 Snacks you enjoy:

  • cottage cheese and peaches
  • guacamole and anything I can dip into it!
  • almonds (most nuts except brazil nuts, cause they only sell like four per bag and who wants to have just four big nuts?)
  • “yogurt messes” containing greek yogurt, some sort of fruit, some sort of spice like cinnamon and cocoa, and a crunch  factor like toasted nuts, cereal, chia seeds, even a crumbled sugar cone will do (actually, those are ESPECIALLY delicious for yogurt messes)
  • Lately, my cottage cheese ice cream!

3.) 5 Places you have lived:

Sorry, only 4

  • Los Angeles, CA (Carthay Circle, to be exact)
  • New York, NY (Manhattan for a few months before college)
  • Santa Barbara, CA (college)
  • Los Angeles, CA (but the “Westwood” area to be exact, where I call home now)

4.) What were you doing 5 years ago

  • running A LOT (too much!)
  • studying theater at UC Santa Barbara
  • Starting a food review website (my old one)
  • consuming way too much frozen yogurt!
  • starting to get on facebook (you know, way back when it was just for college students)

5.) 5 things you would do if you were a Billionaire:

  • Hang out with my billionaire friends (Bill Gates, Oprah, you know, my BFF’s!)
  • Buy my dad an airplane and a trip to Nepal (as a thank you present for paying for my treatment)
  • Tell my landlord to go suck it and get lots of pets! Cause technically, I could just buy my whole apartment building.
  • Play REALLY intense practical jokes on people, like have people’s car filled with cooked spaghetti. cause I mean, how funny would that be if my friend opened his car door, and out comes this avalanche of noodles! Its like a carb monster attacked his car! Then I’d buy them a new car so they would still be my friends
  • I’d like to say “invest” but I feel like thats rather useless. What if I die tomorrow? investments are good for the long term. So I’d probably start a charity that provides free treatment for eating and mental disorders, cause I’m a do gooder like that!

I also saw that many people would like simple meal ideas. Today’s recipe is what I call a “Guac Bowl”. Its good for almost anyone, vegetarian, meat loving, vegan, raw foodist, etc. because its based on a simple guacamole! You can play around with the other components. So for example, today I did a spaghetti squash and turkey guac bowl:

I cut open a spaghetti squashed and gave it a microwaving for about five minutes and scraped te strands into a bowl

spoon in the mashed avocado!

add the "crunch" factor, like napa cabbage, but I often used bagged cole slaw mix

mix it up and add your protein of choice, I used leftover turkey meatballs but tofu, tempe, had boiled eggs, and beans would work beautifully

7 thoughts on ““Guac Bowls” and 5 for 5

  1. I’m sure we can co-exist estatically! I think everyone should 1. eat what feels good/works in their bodies and 2. Feel connected to their food what ever it may be! 🙂

  2. What is this “Facebook” that you speak of? Kidding…fun lists!
    Even though I’m trying to cut myself off from them for a bit, anything with avocado is delicious. I use a whole big one smashed on toast with spinach and oregano for a crazy open-faced sandwich all the time. So good. I suppose I could switch it up and convert to bowl form for a change, eh?

    Speaking of avocados and your current snack crazes, have you made any from of avocado ice cream? That could be fun!

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