Strawberry Pancakes, First Time Yoga Assisting, and my Wishlist

not gorgeous but delicious!

First, thank you all for the feedback. Good or bad, I appreciate it and I’m working on sprucing up the site to make it easier to find recipes and whatnot. I just suck at this whole wordpress thing and I’m having trouble making tabs for the recipes, but it will be done! When there is a will, there is a way!

Speaking of whey…..I used my Jay Robb chocolate protien powder for some yummy strawberry pancakes today. Lately I’ve been having pancakes around lunch time for some reason! But hey, I say breakfast foods are fun to eat anytime of day!

But before I get to the recipe, I’ll tell you a little more aout my day (since I saw some responses want to know more about my “glamourous” la life, which is really anything but!).

It was my first day assisting my mentor for the Yoga Works professional program. I know said I wouldn’t talk much about the people involved in the program, but there is nothing negative about my mentor. I think he’s fantastic and I’m lucky to be assisting him.  I’ll be assisting his class once a week for the next 6 months. Today, I didn’t do any adjustments on people, since it was my first day. I just walked around the room and observed. Its amazing what you notice when you watch a yoga class, instead of take it. And look at the cute creature waiting outside the studio:

he's not mine, but I was pretty ready to steal him, or her? I'm not sure what "it" was, maybe it was a transgender

I’m excited to be assisting at Yoga Works. Its a big company and people that go there really come to do yoga, unlike the gym where I work teach, where they mainly come for krav maga and crossfit.

Since it was friday, and I live in LA, I spent a good half day in my car listening to NPR. I gave up music radio when I realized they overplayed EVERYTHING and Lady GaGa songs kept getting stuck in my head. Nothing personal against Miss GaGa, but I’m not a huge fan of her music, or her fashion statements. I do respect her, she doesn’t drive junk or party or end up in jail like LaLohan…and she does actually play an instrument. But I dont think glueing thirty million kermit the from dolls to a dress is a way to get attention. I’m surprised PETA isn’t after her for that.

But I digress….anyhow, I was thinking in traffic about things I really want but cant afford right now, or I’m just to chicken to actually buy it. Here it is:

-The Dyson Ball vacuum: Perhaps you think its pathetic for me to be swooning over a vacuum. I work as a personal assistant for this woman who has this vacuum. I’m in love. Not that I like vacuuming, in fact, I HATE it. But this vacuum makes it easy and dare I say it, fun. Its also 600 dollars! Its really “sucks” but doesn’t “suck”….ok that was stupid, but you get the idea!

-The Shake Weight: The Shake Weight really exemplifies everything great about an As Seen On TV product. It is inexpensive, provides a simple solution to a problem a lot of people have and the shake weight videos are hilarious. And guess what, I’ve read a lot of good reviews that this product actually works! I doubted it too! believe me, I thought it was as dumb as the snuggie, but some online researching and I found out that its actually hard to hold this vibrating thing for a more than a few minuets! I dont think I have the balls to actually put this on a conveyor belt though. I mean, it still looks like a joke, I mean, couldn’t one just use a vibrator?? (I know, I’m immature)

-Vita Mix: We used em in culinary school and I’m sad I didn’t take one! Why its so expensive, I don’t exactly know. I know it works the best out of all the blenders, but why the high price tag? I mean are there diamonds on the blades?  I dont even drink smoothies, but all the hummuses, soups, purees, etc. My magic bullet is nice, but its not very powerful. Everyone seems to swear by it to, and I just want to fit in.

-The Iphone: even though I hear it sucks, you have to understand I dont have internet service on my phone. That may be a good thing, but I want all those cool apps. Like where the nearest farmers market is. Is there an app to get this wishlist granted???

-A pup: Yes, I want a little furry friend to nurture. I’m not ready for kids, but I would like to raise a puppy. I get soft for puppies, my heart melts, and I get all girly and mushy. My landlord has a strict “no pets” rule so I need to hold off on that.But who knows, maybe I’ll steal that doggie outside the yoga studio.

I got some more things but I’m so tired from this heat wave we are having…..whats on your extreme wishlist??? Admit it, I know you want a snuggie! I mean who would pass up a blanket with sleeves!

For the recipe…..(makes two medium pancakes)

-3/4c egg sub or 2 eggs

-2 tbs protein powder

-four sliced strawberries

-1/8 tsp baking powder and cream of tarter

-1 tbs flaxseed meal

blend well and cook on a well greased pan. Simple and good for a single person serving.

9 thoughts on “Strawberry Pancakes, First Time Yoga Assisting, and my Wishlist

  1. My boyfriend bought a Dyson a few years ago and it is his favorite thing. I guess Dyson’s just have that effect on people. And I am finally giving in and making pancakes soon, tomorrow maybe? I just keep seeing them everywhere and they sound so good.

    My extreme wishlist is not even worth making. I want everything! haha. I am dying for a phone like the iphone or htc right now. I have had the same slider phone for years now and I feel so outdated and lame when everyone has their awesome phones out browsing fb and I whip mine out for a couple minutes of a cell phone game that is only a trial version, haha.

  2. I have a long wishlist of stuff I would like to have…a blender might be nice, more than one fork and plate (honestly, no joke, ha), a loaf pan for baking stuff, etc….
    to be honest, I don’t even know what an iphone and ipod and all those things are. When you have no money, you tend to stick to as basic as can be. I try to spend my “splurges” on food (cause its SO expensive and I buy a ton of it).
    I have seen some nice pancake recipes that use flour and eggs that look good. They call for baking powder, I don’t have any and wonder if I can just skip that step?

  3. those pancakes DO look amazing. Someone (read; me) may have some later today:) Regarding wishlists -I love appliances. The dyson – FYI is not worth the money (in my opinion). It is heavy and not great on dog hair. I do however love my blendtec. I want a new delux washer and dryer and I want a new dehydrator:) xoxco

  4. Bah ha ha… I love your ‘whey’ segue! I, too, would kill for a Dyson; it’s like the Vitamix of Vacuum Cleaners!!! I am so happy you are liking your Yoga classes!!!! You will make such a great teacher! How were things yesterday with LL going to jail? I am guessing traffic was even worse than usual? Last Q: those 2 pancakes fill you up @ lunch?? I would seriously need about 12 to make a dent in my hunger! lol

    • Well luckily, LA is enormous so most people dont even know who LL is! I didn’t ONLY have this for lunch, I cant eat pancakes dry so I eat them with even more fresh fruit, cottage cheese, and raw almond butter! Its the best combo ever!

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