“Cracked” up dessert (or breakfast?) and Pranayama

side "bloobs"....tee hee

So later this evening (although its evening already for all you east coasters, I hate being so behind you!), I continue my 300hr professional yoga Teacher Training with a three hour class about the Bhagavad Gita and pranayama. I dont feel like explaining those to you since:

A) I dont know that much about them yet although I have taken pranayama classes, but hopefully, I’ll know more about them once the training is completed.

B) I’m lazy, so just click on them and you should get wiki to help you out

Anyhow….I read over my last post and I didn’t realize how funny it actually was. I’m still smirking at the fact that Renee saw my side boob. I also think thats a funny word: side boob.

I know, I’m eleven at heart.

Speaking of side boob….has anyone seen that family guy FCC episode? Peter produces his own show called “The Side Boob Hour”. Renee should be a guest, no?

I would love to torture you about what been up in my head lately but I gotta keep this post brief since traffic to get to this yogic philosophy class is gonna a be a pain in almost non-existent ass (I’m workin on it! Lots of glute kickers!).

But I still wanted to share my spectacular and super simple bulgur (aka cracked wheat) recipe. Once again, I’m eleven and the first thing I think about when saying “cracked” wheat is the obvious. So I’ll just refer to it as bulgur. If your not familiar with bulgur, I suggest you try it. Its actually higher in fiber and protein than quinoa! The best part, SO simple to cook and almost impossible to overcook (which I notoriously do with rice, I got a C+ on my first rice pilaf in culinary school!).

With bulgur, its a half/half ratio (ie, if you want 1/2 cup dry serving, boil 1 cup water)

all you do is boil the water and once boil reduce the heat to low, add the bulgur, and let it cook for 10-12 min and then turn it off and cover. You can let sit for as long as you’d like, or eat it right away.

Traditionally, its mixed with parsley and tomatoes, but I’m all about non-tradtion, so I mixed some with fresh peaches, bloobs, and cinnamon. You could bump up the protein factor by adding some greek yogurt or even boiling the bulgur in almond milk (which to me when its plain, taste like water anyhow). I made SO much, so I kept some for some sort of salad later or maybe for breakfast tomorrow.

Ok, off to do some heavy, yogic breathing, and hopefully some eating too!

And if you wanna be “cracked up” a bit, watch this video I did a few months ago mocking Rachel Zoe, i would put it on the blog, but wordpress wants me to pay 59 bucks for a “video” upgrade. I’m a Jew, so that would be a no.

7 thoughts on ““Cracked” up dessert (or breakfast?) and Pranayama

  1. oh youre too funny! Now I must find that family guy episode! I won’t be able to come to La La this time but I plan on coming back in a few months to visit a friend and her new baby so definitely then!!! Maybe I’ll come to the locker room with you and show renee my side boob. hehe!

  2. i’ve got to say i’m highly interested in bulgar. i just feel like it’s fluffy or something. wait maybe thats barley? idk even what the difference is haha go me.

    • barley look like little black eyes peas or pearls. bulgur looks like a multicolored couscous, its way healthier than couscous though which is actually just plain past in tiny little balls.

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