Choco-Bloob Ice Cream and my Locker Room Run In

Just make sure you have a separate bowl for the cereal. If you dump the ice cream on the cereal, you miss out on the crunch factor. Dip your ice creamed spoon in the cereal bowl and consume!

I cant believe this is actually good for you!

I have such an AMAZING recipe today, but before we get to that I have to share my locker room experience earlier this morning.

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my gym is pretty swank and since I live in Tinseltown, this means celebs go there quiet often to skinify themselves even further or as P diddy does, just hand around and talk on their iphone.

Anyhow, I know Renee Zellweger is a regular at the gym. She’s very slim, but I’ve never actually seen her workout there. As a finished up my workout, sweaty and stinky, I walked into the fairly empty locker room (as it was around 11 which is a dead zone on weekdays for most gyms), there she was, skinny Bridget Jones herself, texting (probably hunk-o-licious, Bradley Cooper), on the locker room white linen couches (I know, right! linen couches in a locker room?!).

I’ve been around many celebs as I used to act and do PA jobs for films. But she hung around there and I needed to change! I dont know why, but the fact that she would see me naked intimidated me. I can just imagine her text to Bradley,

“OMG, this chick just walked in and is paler than me! And look at her arms! Mine are WAY more ripped! right, hun?! LOL 🙂 ”

I managed to bypass her, but she may have caught a “side-boob” glimpse.

Eh, whatever. I honestly think I look better than she does, she could use a few ensures. She needs to find that inner bridget and put on a little flesh so she doesnt blow away.

I know, I’m a bitch.

mid way, pre bloob drop in

Moving On….Thank goodness its getting sunnier here in L.A., a perfect time for…..Ice Cream. So I decided to crack out that ice cream maker! This time I had a plan and the ice bowl was in the freezer for a week so I KNEW it was cold enough this time!

Here’s what went in:

-1 cup 2% cottage cheese

-1/2 cup almond milk

-1/8 tsp xanthum gum

-2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder

-1 tbs honey, splenda, stevia, sugar, agave, etc and add more according to your desired sweetness level

-handful of bloobs!

If you dont have an ice cream maker, heres something you can do instead:

-in an ice tray, freeze the almond milk and whip with the rest of the mixture in a blender.


Blend the whole mixture (minus the bloobs) in a blender and then pour it into a big ziploc baggie. Fill a bigger baggie with ice and rock salt (aka, ice cream salt) and place the one with the ice cream mixture inside. Shake vigorously (and might I suggest you skip upper body strength training that day) and voila! I did this when I taught the cooking classes to the kids. Its a “poor man’s” ice cream maker.

Can I just tell you how AMAZING this turned out! I had some with puffed kamut and chia seeds (which I call “healthy sprinkles”). I’m so having this for breakfast!

Ok, I’m out of cottage cheese….so I’m off to replenish that!

yep, this is what I do, blog surf and eat, good times!


19 thoughts on “Choco-Bloob Ice Cream and my Locker Room Run In

  1. Fancy, my friend, fancy! I don’t think I could afford a day-pass at your gym from the sound of things!

    And no, that’s not bitchy at all to comment on her, as I think it just made me like you even more and wish we could hang out. We might be snarky, but with good reason and cute enough smiles to get away with it 😉

  2. hahahahaha oh renee she’s just jealous of your bloobs..

    seriously homemade ice cream is like the shiz. haha i love the little ice cream baggie trick!!! and the almond milk ice cubes? girl you’ve got tons of tricks up your sleeve!

  3. LOL – I have to agree with Averie! Glad I’m not the only one 😉 I guess that seems even more appropriate with the side boob comment too. I have read about the baggy trick for ice cream, but have never tried it. I’m thinking I don’t need to learn that I can indeed make ice cream as that is one of my weaknesses (and hubby’s too). By the way, I appreciate your comments! Hugs!

  4. Do you find xanthan gum messes up your stomach? I used 1/2 tsp last night for the first time and it was awful. 😦 I’m wondering if it was too much or if I’m just sensitive to it…

  5. haha thats so funny to think that you just saw renee chillin on the couch…what if you went into the steam room and she was just sitting thre naked? that would be…awkward? “oh hey Renee…hows Bradley??” 🙂 haha

    that dessert looks SO good! i am ALL about cottage cheese all day everyday! packed with protein, just make sure I always get the no salt kind!!

    • I’m such a snob with the cottage cheese! I dont do non fat, and a basically dont do anything besides the knudsen 2%. Its cool that you can have it with something sweet like fruit or chocolate or something savory like salsa! I hear your six pack is showing btw….

  6. Wow, that sounds like quite the gym! I really love the Bridget Jones’ movies. Although I might be biased, because any movie with Hugh Grant is a winner to me. Unfortunately at my gym back home I never see anyone famous… but then again Lyle Lovett might be the most famous person living in Houston right now. I don’t think he’s big on 24 hour fitness, either.

    Although your comment about her needing some ensures might seem harsh, I think it’s pretty accurate. (I also think that I would have been thinking something similar if I were the one seeing her in the gym, haha.)

  7. Oh I love renee, she’s a running machine! Hard core for sure! Maybe a little too hard core. She come to Austin quite a bit too but I never get to change in front of her, haha.

    I love this recipe….I need an ice cream maker. So sad. 😦

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  9. I’m jealous you get to see celebs!! Your right though- she could use some meat on her!

    And I’m digging that ice cream recipe! I always have casein before bed so that sounds like the perfect bed time dessert!

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