Veggie Dip and First Day of Yoga School

Last weeks manicure chipping away holding the delicious gluten free pretzel!

Man o man, what a day!

I was very hyped up this morning! Got up early, primped to get ready for the first day of my 300 hr professional Yoga teacher training, and even managed to get a workout in before class started.

But I was in for a big surprise.

I didn’t expect us to actually practice the very first class since we didn’t do so in the 200 hr teacher training. Not only did we practice, it was a two hour intense class! Not a vinyasa flow class, it was more Iyengar which personally I think is WAY more difficult because you have to align yourself perfectly and hold it for a long time!

Thats right, I held plank pose for what felt like half an hour. My shoulders were quaking!

The worst part, the teacher was so caught up with teaching she never gave us a break. So I basically didn’t eat for about five hours! I turn into super bitch when I’m not fueled. It makes me wonder if  in all those days in college where I was eating like a bird and working out like Lance Armstrong, I was some evil witch.

How did I do it?

Anyhow, this all supports my venture that I think yoga studios should sell food. I was ready to start chewing on the yoga strap or my lip balm.

I will chronicle the cool new things I learn each week, but as much as I’d love to gab about all the different people in the program, I wont do so. I had a blog when I was in culinary school where I talked (although i changed their names) about the weird things that happened between the students and by the end of the semester, they found out about the blog and I was an outcast.  Don’t worry, yoga students aren’t as “juicy” as culinary students. They mostly just talk about how they try to be vegan or raw (and they usually give up because there is a bakery within a mile radius) and about how much they want to go to India. Nothing exciting. O I guess sometimes you find students that dont shave their armpits and I think thats funny. But other than that, nothing that interesting. So bottom line, no gossip about individuals!

I was exhausted and so hungry. I rushed home to refuel and then went to Trader Joe’s to restock and found this:

Frozen make you pee smell sticks!

Apparently, this is a new item for the Traders family, so since I love asparagus, I bought the bag to whip up something for today’s recipe.

Frozen veggies are excellent for dips, spread, and purees. So I blended:

defrosted asparagus

defrosted cauliflower

about 1/4 cup greek yogurt

garlic powder (ran out of garlic, but garlic would work)

1 tbs almond butter (yes, I know, your thinking this is weird but it tastes awesome!)

Gotta love the almond butter! So versatile!

See, my avocados are like bricks so I needed to find an alternative fat source to make this dip satiating.  I had some on my salad but also with the gluten free pretzels I won from Naomi’s giveaway package!

Speaking of giveaways…..check Julie’s awesome giveaway!

Julie is my girl! I think we share a unique sense of humor, we “get each other”! And I honestly can’t go by the cereal aisle without thinking about her!


10 thoughts on “Veggie Dip and First Day of Yoga School

  1. wise woman not to blog about them in so many words, b/c ya never know. wow to your culinary school situation…yikes!

    ok armpits that are furry, trips to india and failing at raw/vegan…LOL that’s yogis! Well not all of them but that’s a good start. i do shave compulsively, i have always!!! wanted to go to india, and i am a raw/vegan success story 🙂


  2. I know how it is about being hungry. I get super irritable when I am hungry. Like you didn’t know how you did it through college, I have no idea how I did it through highschool. I know I must have been horrible to be around.

    That is so awesome about the yoga classes! I agree about Iyengar being more difficult, especially because I still don’t have great upper body strength. I can’t even make it through 30mins of yoga without having to modify downward dog because my arms get tired. Oh well, it’ll come. 🙂

  3. I wonder if I might be crazy or contrary or both, because I feel like I’m less of a bitch if I haven’t eaten in a long time!! Or maybe that’s just my skewed perception…

    I totally understand what you mean about not wanting to blog about people, albeit anonymousely, when they might find out about it. Then again, I’m also the Queen of Paranoia… 😉

    ❤ ❤

  4. HAHA sounds like quite the adventure, being in a yoga class 😀 I always wanted to give yoga a try though, it looks like fun! I’ve tried a video or two, but I suppose it’s not quite the same.

    I would be mad if I couldn’t eat for 5 hours.

  5. oh my god, I would have definitely started hallucinating and raging like a crazy starved chick. Good decision not to blog about these people though, unless it’s good stuff, of course. You never know who might stumble into your blog, and a blog IS a public thing. Glad you learned your lesson from the first time!

  6. oh man I would have passed out without food. Our yog studio has a little cafe and juice bar. Its a hit! I get soooo irritable without food too, haha. Way to hold yours in.

    And I love the almond butter mixed in that recipe. SOunds great!

  7. awwwww we totes do girl!!!!

    i would trust anything you put in a blender so if you say almond butts i believe it. i bow to your foodie skills.

    although i dooo hope you put some yoga school gossip in here sometimes. i promise i won’t tell! haha

  8. Oh, loving this dip idea. YUM. I bet it’d be fantastic on a sandwich with portobellos…..oh the ideas. I hear you on becoming a major bitch when going too long without food. No one wants to be near me when that happens. Hell, I don’t want to be around myself even!

  9. Okay- new business plan! You need to start a Yoga-centric baked goods business! Om foods by Eden! They’ll be nice and dense so you don’t feel weighed down, and have a cute message about ‘breathing’ or some little piece of wisdom you picked up along the way to where you are now! I shake if I do downward dog pose for more than 7 sec! My shoulders are seriously misaligned and tight! Congrats on the plank! I actually felt pain in my shoulders while reading that!

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