Turkey Meatballs and Gym Pet Peeves

Double duty from yesterday's tostada!


First of all, I thank all of you for your lovely and encouraging comments yesterday! I woke up nice and earlier than usual ready to take on a better day! It was great! I woke up, made breakfast, read over the comments from last nights post (I love getting those! its like waking up to presents! Like Christmas, even though I’m pure Jew and never had a Christmas).

I got to the gym and about 4 minuets in my warm-up on the “revolving staircase to hell”, I began to notice the theme of today’s post.

Gym pet peeves!

And boy do I know gyms! In college I was booted out of not one, not two, but yes, three gyms! Three gyms asked me not to come back without a doctor’s note (because its hard to remain idle when someone resembling Kate Moss circa 1997 running for over two hours on a treadmill walks into your gym).

When I moved back home to LA, I worked out at home, which you’d think would be better, but no. Since no one can kick me out of my home, I pounded that treadmill for even longer. I’d watch like seven food network shows (half hour shows) which was partly for the food porn but honestly, also some “studying” since I was in culinary school at the time.

Anyhow, I didn’t go near a gym until after treatment. Now the gym is actually a bit safer. I cant overexercise like I used to cause parking will only validate for 2hrs and I need to shower, primp, and all that stuff people do.

But I digress. Anyhow, I’ve noticed a lot of things that people do at the gym really irk me. Yea, of course its annoying when people fart or all the machines are taken, but thats common. I’m talking about things people really CAN control and do anyway.

-Trainers correcting you when you never asked for their help: I do appreciated if they fix my form to not injure myself, but like today some floor trainer came up to me and said, ” you know whats better than lateral raises??? this! (and he proceeds to show me some move he thinks is superior, leaving me to look like a feel like a dumbass that I dont know how to do shoulder exercises!). Granted, there are some machines I have NO clue how to use, but if I need help how to use them, I’d like to ask, dont approach me like and offer me an alternative YOU think is better. I know my body well enough and if I need to know more moves, I’ll do the asking.

-Having all the TVs be on the same sports station. I know, the world cup is going on and stuff, but I wanted to come to a gym, not a sports bar. I realized how many people were not exercising, just watching those three tvs, lined up side by side, broadcasting the SAME GAME! All I want was just one to be on Giada. Shes so nice to watch because lately, her show has been her cooking and eating with her husband. It’s too cute; they have a picnic at the end of the show, smiling with their baby daughter, feeding each other tasty carbs. But no, I have to watch ESPN and sportszone.

-Having an incline of 15% and holding on to dear life of the hand rails: I know, its none of my business, but it bothers me! what the point! There are no hand rails when you walk up a hill, if you need to hold on, you shouldn’t be walking at such an incline!

-Talking or Texting on your Crackberry or Iphone: There are a dozen of signs at my gym that its a “no cell zone” but I feel like if your texting ortalking, your not working out, so why are you hogging the machine! Is there an app to vanish cell phones from the gym, I’d like to download it.

– The weight dropper: This is most commonly seen doing dumbell bench presses. At the end of the set, these people, rather than gently lowering the weights, send them crashing to the floor in a resounding BOOM. Two things: you’re are probably damaging the equipment that I help pay for with my monthly dues and we don’t care how much you are lifting.

-The girl whose the spitting image of me circa 2005: Yes, this on peeves me because it reminds me of me at my worst. I’m not jealous, I’m ashamed. I also feel sorry for her. Part of me wants to give her a hug and say she doesn’t need all this cardio, that she’ll get osteoporosis like I did, and that I know a few places that can help. And then of course the cynical side of me want to throw an Ensure drink at her.

See....I got balls, damn it!

There you have it folks! This is not true to all gyms, a the locker room pet peeves deserve a whole post on its own. Also, bear in mind I go to a fancy gym in Los Angeles where I’ve seen Alan Cummings, P diddy, James Cameron, and Rene Zellweger. The fact that my gym resembles the oscars peeves me too,

Anyhow…Todays recipe is a spinoff from yesterday. same ingredients for the turkey but you form them into balls and brown them on all sides. Then, simmer in a can of diced tomatoes for about 30 min. Voila! I had this with dinner and sprinkled “nooch” since I dont like cheese.

Also….Gues what I got today?????

Me likey presents!

The giveaway package I won from Naomi!

and inside……

All these cool goodies!

Feels good to win! I’ll do a giveaway sometime soon too so stay tuned….

I’m so glad today was a MUCH better, tastier, and “ballsy-er” day!


16 thoughts on “Turkey Meatballs and Gym Pet Peeves

  1. Los Angeles gyms are the worst, aren’t they? I am not a fan of working out next to superstars when I look like crap and feel even uglier.

    I usually want to be one with Giada as well which usually isn’t a problem thanks to the personal TV screens, but the issue lies with the idiot who never brings his earphones and blasts the big TV on the wall. At that point I can’t hear anything through my earphones and instead I find myself listening to the World Cup or Larry King, depending on the culprit’s mood. It drives me NUTS!

    • ugh, I dont have personal screens. for the amount I pay monthly I should!
      And yes, I dont like to feel like I need to apply makeup to go to the gym so I can be at par with Nicole Kidman,

  2. I agree with all of your pet peeves, especially the TV one…I can’t follow a soccer game when I’m stationary, let alone while sweating on the cardio machine.

  3. I love my gym. No one bothers me at all 🙂 I can even workout naked!!

    My new job has a gym so I may experience some of those peeves as well. Those all sound like things that would get on my nerves too.

  4. LOL – I sooo hate it when the freaking tvs are all on ESPN. What is up with that? At my gym you can’t change the channels so it’s ESPN or CNN. So it covers the men and the news watchers. So what about the women? Oh and I couldn’t agree more about hanging on to the dang rails – even with no incline I see people doing that. Seriously do the walk around hanging on to something all day?

  5. Yay for winning Naomi’s giveaway! U will love those Peanutbutters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love your gym peeves, some of those are mine too!!!

    Thanks for the sweet comment, and dessert was delish! Mike ate most of it, I had a couple bites : )

  6. hahaha the 15% incline and holding onto the rails for dear life cracks me up! I dont get why people do that! I tell my celients ALL THE TIME that it is better to go as high as you can without holding on, even if that means not going up so high, you will engage your legs and glutes SO much more than holding on!

    Also, being a trainer, I too get peeved when trainers go up and suggest something ELSE from what you are doing. Now, I think it is great when trainers go up and correct form on an exericse that a person is doing (which I do all the time) and even showing them some other exericises they can do in addition to the muscle group they are wokring BUT when they say “oh you should do this INSTEAD” that peeves me!

  7. Gym pet peeves for me include people who hog machines by using them as breakfast seats. Not even kidding — there are people who plop their butts on the adductor machine or whatever, and proceed to chow down on a muffin and coffee. Uh… hello? I’d kind of like to use that, please!

    Of course, all of my pet peeves are irrelevant if the gym is not actually OPEN. That’s my number one pet peeve: a gym that does not open on time.

    Great package!! 😀

    ❤ ❤

  8. I love your pet peeves! Whenever I go in the afternoons.. oh man, it’s the worst! There are these two guys that workout together (probably in their 20’s) and they are trying to do these really heavy weights with really bad form. So then the other friend tells them, “Get your head out of your @ss man!” And then when they are done they say, “That felt f***** good!” And then of course they proceed to use the f bomb while they are lifting. Classy. LOL!!

  9. Ohhhhh man. Your posts are so funny! I totally know what you mean by all those gym pet peeves.
    I usually don’t watch tv at the gym… just blast loud pump up music on my ipod. Sometimes I will watch tv, but i never want to be the one to change the channel, so I only watch if its on something I like.
    I actually get a bit triggered watching food network at the gym. Sometimes. It usually just makes me want to burn off all the calories that the people on the show just ate! haha
    Guys that try to show off….. get an f-ing life. Noone cares and you look like a fool when you can’t handle the weight you choose. Noone will judge if you use a weight 10 lbs less…. they will, on the other hand, judge when you can’t pick the thing up! haha
    And triggering girls….. yeahhh…… very very triggering.
    I get competitive with people around me. They don’t know it, but I need to beat them, by running longer and faster than them…..
    All that is why I do yoga, or work out at home.

  10. hey Eden,
    got your comment on Lindsay’s blog— send me a message on my blog/email me and I’m definitely game to set up something fun!!!
    Love the pet peeves—I’m a personal trainer at the gym and those make me crazy too!

  11. haha thank the LORD for 2 hour caps on those meters right!

    seriously i give people the SERIOUS stank eye when they get all meatheadish and start slamming weights and dropping them and clanking the weights on i’m like please dude can you take it down a notch because if i can hear your weight slamming over my gaga then we have a problem

  12. hahaah I love your gym pet peeves. so true! the people crunched over on the incline treadmill or on the stepmill, just hangin on, head drooped forward. HELLO!!! or i love the hilarious unabashed housewives wearing their sports bras exposing their unmuscled physiques…or the peeps hogging the equipment taking 10 min to do their set…hmm..what else…the annoying trainers, yes…who are not friendly since you’re not their client…stoops…anyhoo, I loved your list! keep it real, gal.

    have a wonderful day xoxoxo

  13. Those meatballs look really good! My biggest gym pet peeve is having the TVs on without volume but no subtitles. If they’re going to make me watch CNN while I run, at least let me know what’s going on!!

    And then there’s this one woman who does the cardio machines holding her towel in her mouth…it just looks weird and like that shes working out so hard that she needs it. Not the case.

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