Turkey Tostada and Learning to Bend and not Break

Baja Fresh and Taco Bell have nothing on me!

I had a bad day.

I woke up late which threw me off my game.

I overbooked my day, so i had to cancel a private yoga lesson I had to teach. I also had what some girls in treatment call, “bad B.I.” or bad body image.

I took a good hard look in the mirror and I was pissed at the reflection. Not just of the physical but the inside as well. Β I felt emotional torn down, I was angry, I felt like at any moment, I might shatter.

Ironically, while I was having today’s featured recipe, sitting on my couch, on the verge of tears about my day, there was an earthquake.

It lasted a while too, and although I’ve been through many earthquakes, I realized how every thing seemed to just sway with the earth. Almost as if it wasn’t trying to fight the earthquake, but bend for it, it was flexible, it let the earthquake just happen.

On my way to teach yoga in evening, I heard there was no major damage recorded. Its amazing, everyone seemed to “bend” and not break by the earthquake.

“Bending” or letting things be instead of fighting them and “breaking” is indeed something I’m trying to exercise. Β And lord know, I’ve been broken emotionally and physically by all sorts of things.

I remember the first time I got fired. It killed me at the time. I nearly cried in front of my boss as he “let me go”. I was able to compose myself and turn around before I started tasting the tear that was streaming down my cheek and into the corner of my mouth.

It was a stupid job too and I wasn’t making much and I didn’t even like it. But it hurt being “let go” (which is a terrible euphemism, seriously, get some balls and say “fired” or “dont come back”, cause what if I don’t want to let go?!). But I let it break me. I was depressed and numb for a while.

But today, nothing that dramatic happened. I was just disappointed with myself, and mainly, it was me that was trying to “break” me.

But the earthquake shook me up (pun intended) and reminded me to learn to bend. So I grabbed a bunch of almonds (which for some reason are my “feel good food” cause I love them and they are healthy for me) and calmed myself down on my way to my class.

I reminded myself, my life is not so bad.

Actually, my good friend Abby reminded me with a very thoughtful and supportive email. And coming home to reading all the wonderful comment left from yesterday’s post solidified that indeed I’am loved and supported. I still need to learn to bend, but at least I’m not letting myself “break”.

So today was bad. Tomorrow is another day, and another recipe,

But here’s today’s recipe (consumed during earthquake)

– 1 package ground turkey (1.25 lbs)

-shredded daikon and zucchini (any veggie you can shred really, those where what I had on hand)

-1/3 c flax meal

-2 eggs

-onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, cumin and rosemary (all these spices are optional, but this is what I used)

Saute the daikon and zucchini until golden and mix with remaining ingredients. Then form the turkey into balls and cook on a stove top until all done.

see....like a little bowl!

chop some cabbage and fill a tortilla shell thats crisped up in a small frying pan so it looks like a bowl.

get a small enough pan so the tortilla comes up on the sides

then scatter a few turkey meat balls and I suggest dousing it with guacamole (or brocamole!) and salsa.

Eat up!

12 thoughts on “Turkey Tostada and Learning to Bend and not Break

  1. Sorry you had such a bad day. 😦 I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one who cries after getting fired. I was even quitting the same day and still cried when they beat me to the punch! Anyway, yes..today’s a new day! When you have a bad one, an amazing one’s just around the corner πŸ™‚

  2. Getting “let go” from anything without your consent always sucks, as even if you don’t really like what it was, it still feels like a personal form of rejection. The funny thing is that most of the time, my “breaking” comes from how I “bend” or react to these situations and not the situations/people themselves.

    On those days, like your day yesterday, sometimes the biggest accomplishment isn’t something anyone else can validate. It’s simply taking the next right step, doing what’s healthy for you and makes you feel good and vowing to try again tomorrow. It sounds like that’s exactly what you did, and I love this post and your honesty.

    Hope today is better and free of earthquakes–emotional or otherwise! πŸ™‚

  3. Getting fired is really one of the hardest things to deal with but I agree, people need to drop the euphemism!

    Nothing like an earthquake to put things into perspective! I am lucky enough not to have felt yesterday’s, which is amazing because I was at Maya’s swimming lesson just standing still??

    I hope that today is going better for you.

    PS – I hit the Trader Joe’s in Westwood, which one do you go to?

  4. it’s TODAY! πŸ™‚ well i meant like it’s not yesterday anymore!

    i hope today is better then yesterday and by better i mean filled with no earthquakes and lots of looks in the mirror telling yourself how gawjuss you are! you went on a damn date with a millionaire for bloody sake you’re a dime!

  5. Bad days come and go. I hear ya. Youre strong and you can definitely bend without breaking (your a yoga teacher, haha). But in all seriousness, you amaze with your character. Smile big! πŸ˜‰

  6. Hey Eden-
    I am offering you my friendship and support. I know the feeling all too well! It sucks and when you get that paralyzed with fear/anxiety hopeless knot in your stomach, nothing seems to help! Let yourself feel it! I find that sometimes helps. Lie down and just say ‘I hurt’ and let the feelings wash over you! They won’t consume you. You are amazing and I really do consider you my friend (weird hey?!). I know how strong you are and how quickly you ‘bounce’ back- but letting yourself grieve once in awhile is good. It’s your body telling you something- some need isn’t being met. You’re in my thoughts!

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