Pinkberry Rip Off and Playing it “Safe”

Cheaper and prettier in pink!

As mentioned in previous posts, I finally got an ice cream maker on my last costco visit and after what felt like week, my ice bowl was finally frozen enough to churn some ice cream. The direction said it could take 6-22 hours. By the way, I have no patience, its one of my goals, BE MORE PATIENT!

Anyhow, it took 65 hours or so of freezer time. I tried it yesterday only to come up with a soupy mess. Why? Not frozen enough. So once again I tried it again today. I got back from the gym where I was considering never to show my face agin since I made a fool of myself last week when I nearly fell off that revolving stairway to hell machine while watching Aziz Ansari on Comedy Central. Note to self: no watching anything remotely hilarious while the heat rate is increasing, especially not at the same gym where Nicole Kidman frequents!

I digress…So where were we, o yes, I got home and mixed the following:

-about a 1cup greek yogurt

-1cup vanilla almond milk

-frozen berries

-Raspberry crystal light (actually, I never mix it with water, I think it enhances recipes, I mix it with cranberries when I boil cranberry sauce at thanks giving)

I was gonna use some gums (xanthum or guar) but I forgot. Regardless, I got a good tasting pinkberry rip off. In fact, I fount it creamier! Am I the only one that thinks pinkberry can get a little icy? Its WAY cheaper than pinkberry which tend to rape my wallet every time I go. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, I would consider investing in one. Costco sells us for 45 bucks and Bed, Bath, and Beyond sells smaller ones for about 17. That two pinkberry yogurts righter there! There’s that little Jew in me, concerning you about money! But we are still in a recession right?

I wish I had a brilliant segway to my next topic but I don’t, so here I am presenting it to you.

In treatment, and as I’m learning just from reading other blogs, people have decided to label foods as “safe” or “unsafe”. Unless your eating the item from under the kitchen sink, since when did food become so secure or dangerous.

I never knew of this concept before I went to treatment, where a client would say to me, “I always have this and that for breakfast…..its safe for me”.  You’d think a plate of waffles was gonna go on a shooting rampage while a bowl of oats would cradle you to sleep.

But I get it. Its not so easy for me to eat doughnut and have no energy about it. I WISH I did, I wish with everything I’ve got that I could eat a funnel cake and be neutral about it, and simply enjoy the fried crunchy sweetness! But labeling it as “unsafe” will not make the process of finding that neutrality any easier.

I love what Heather mentioned in her post,” I NEVER used to eat dessert out anywhere, whether dining in a restaurant or eating at a friend’s house. I would always wait to get home and eat my safe desserts like dark chocolate or oatmeal. Um yeah, forget that! Those strawberry cupcakes with buttercream frosting were delicious, and besides, there is nothing wrong with 1 cupcake. Oh, the cupcakes I have missed over the years!”.

Damn straight, FORGET THAT!

My wonderful dietitian once told me that the way to get over your fears, is to be exposed to them.  In other words, not playing it safe.  Its hard, I’m not gonna lie. Things people usually view as “safe” are familiar and routine. Most people have a hard time with a change in that routine.  But she’s right.

Afraid of the dark? Go out in pitch black. Scarred of bugs? Try living in New York City in the summer (I can assure you, although I still hate roaches, I at least have the balls to kill them thanks to living in NYC one summer). Afraid of funnel cake? Go to a carnival (and if you know somewhere besides carnivals and amusement parks that sell funnel cakes, let me know!) and get your self a funnel cake and eat the whole damn thing! Look down, you’re a whale right? NO! But give your self a pat on the back for stripping off that “unsafe” label.

Let’s stop using “safe” to describe food! How about “delicious” or “creamy” or my personal favorite, “ooey gooey!”.

I’ll tell you what NOT safe! Watching Aziz Ansari while on any sort of exercise equipment!

21 thoughts on “Pinkberry Rip Off and Playing it “Safe”

  1. Is it wrong if this post made me laugh hysterically? I think I love you. And I mean that in the least creepy way possible! 😉

    Additionally, I am no longer mad that my mom got rid of our ice cream maker, because patience is most definitely not one of my virtues!!

    ❤ ❤

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Well put Eden. Cravings can be met! We should be able to enjoy having taste buds, not punish them. haha. I loved that comment that Heather said too. Its very freeing and TRUE! We are all health nuts that need to unwind a bit. okay, my rambling is over.
    I need an ice cream maker. Its on the list, along with vitamixer, dehydrator, etc.

  3. hahahha oh my gosh i freaking LOVE YOU!!!! this post ROCKS! love what you said about food being eaten off the kitchen floor.. HAHA!!
    i want the ice cream!

  4. lmho I love this post!!! I actually imagined waffles with little machine guns running all over the house screaming. It’s so hard not to listen to those little voices in your head saying “this food isn’t safe” but I couldn’t agree more with you. Food’s not going to kill us (unless you’re drinking bleach) and it’s for us to enjoy, not fight with!
    Oh, and awesome ice cream recipe!! I’ve been meaning to get a maker forever but have been putting it off. Guess I better do it soon before it cools down!

  5. Love this post 🙂 I saw an ice cream maker for $12 in the flyer for this discount/refurbished place where I pretty much buy all my small appliances (waffle maker, scale, iron, etc) which I may have to pick up! I’m not sure I have enough freezer room for a bucket though.

  6. I have to admit that I’m guilty of the “safe” trap, in that when my anxiety ramps up I just look for anything to provide some routine comfort. Sometimes it’s a food, but sometimes it’s a behavior. But you’re absolutely right–and I know this–that it’s not the actual food or behavior that’s “safe” but the emotional label I put on it. (Ironically, most of my “safe” things are actually “unsafe” in that they don’t really contribute to my recovery. Lovely.)

    Anyway, exposure is the best way to kick the habit(s). Each time you do something it loses a little bit of the perceived power we assign it–even the scary revolving stairway to hell machine 😉

    I have no patience to wait for ice cream. I just go to Dairy Queen when the spirit hits me and I give in, as wanting ice cream now may not translate into wanting it 65 hours from now. Patience is not my strong point!

  7. I have zero patience as well. Sometimes I think I’d like an ice cream maker. But, I’m afraid it’d be dangerous as the hubs and I both love ice cream. Funny thing, he likes it more in the winter. So true about playing it safe. It’s such and easy thing to do though isn’t it?!

  8. can i tell you i was thinking about getting an ice cream machine! should i not? you scare me from them.

    i’m scared of an ice cream machine.


    hahaha anyways i’m mad you were in nyc and didn’t call me

  9. ahhh safe foods-that is why i can only go out to eat breakfast a few times a year because that is not safe for me at all… your homemade fro yo-though i do not think i have the patience to make it either!

  10. pshhh….I always get dessert when i feel like it! the other night it was SO hot out and me and jason went to the ice cream place, I wasn’t planning on getting anything but we got there and that smell is just intoxicating and I did get a small! it was so good, and I was so happy I did. I could have not gotten something, and had some fruit at home or something, but I wanted the damn ice cream!! I want an ice cream maker!

  11. I have an ice cream maker but haven’t been using it.. what a horrible person I am! LOL I really need to try that! I want to come up with some kind of protein ice cream that is super creamy too..hmm..

  12. I am sitting in Starbucks and literally jsut laughed out loud…… food going on a shooting rampage!!! haha…. picturing it just made me laugh!!!! I will have to think of that when I am having a “fear food”. Just saying that now makes me laugh! hahah
    I totally want to get an ice cream maker…. I am like 2 blocks form a bed bath and beyond…. hmmmm…..

  13. I used to fear eating desserts too! And now that I have no problem eating them I don’t crave them at all. It is the weirdest thing.

    Maya and my mom made ice cream the other day and it was so much fun…and at a fraction of the cost! The Indian in me loves the great value!!

  14. Love this post! I was going to do a post on the Psychology of eating and food label and what it means in terms of our SELF CONCEPT!
    You HAVE to try the new Acai White Peach Papaya Crystal Light in that recipe! With a little bit of protein powder. I am trying to perfect my rhubarb strawberry ice cream recipe! Have you made a peach melba type? Peach apricot yogurt (with real peach chunks), frozen peaches, raspberries. I think I need to move to LA so we can make crazy recipes during the day and then hawk them for ridiculously inflated prices to tourists, celebrities, CEO’s etc. lol

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