Brocamole with Roasted Garlic, what Lies Ahead, and Funny “Bulk” Things….

"bulky" deliciousness!

I hope everyone had  a nice fourth of July and if you’re not American, I hope you thought about America a little bit and checked out my previous posts about all the wonderful things about my birth country.

Anyhow, moving on…..

I would first like to thank all of you bloggers who added me to you blog roll. I’m still trying to figure out this wordpress thing (I used to be with blogspot) and I’m trying to figure out how to do a blogroll on the front page. Once I figure it out, I’ll definitely add you. I’d also like to thank all of you who shared what you liked about your self in this post. It’s nice to do that everyone in a while, no?

I was gonna do an ice cream recipe since I just bought an ice cream maker at my last costco visit, but that damn thing takes forever to freeze. Hopefully I’ll have a yummy one for you tomorrow so stay tuned!

On the subject of “staying tuned”, I thought I would let you know whats on my table for the next few months and what will probably be addressed on the blog. And feel free to let me know what you’d like me to post about (anything from food, exercise, yoga, recovery, hell even about the new Top Chef which I’m so excited for!).

So starting Saturday, I begin my continuation of my Yoga teacher training. I’ve already completed a 200 hr certification but I’ll now begin an additional 300 hr professional certification. Once a week I’ll be assisting in a YogaWorks class with a senior teacher who will serve as my mentor. I’m really glad with the mentor I was paired up with because he’s so sweet and specializes in teaching beginners which I think will be great for me since everyone starts off as a beginner. Plus, I feel really experienced yogis can kind of be a little ego inflated when instructors offer adjustments. Beginners are awesome because they are open minded and listen to your directions to a tee.

I’ll be teaching my usual yoga classes at the cross fit/krav maga gym where I’ve been teaching for the past 8 months. I do private yoga sessions here in there throughout the week and some private chef work here in there. I wont be teaching cooking to the kids since they are on summer break.

To top that all off, I’ll continue writing my comedic memoir about my eating disorder treatment and my road to recovery. Why a comedic memoir? Well, there are lots of memoirs about this sort of stuff. Alcoholism, depression, eating disorders, drug abuse, etc….and although moving and touching, they are SO damn depressing. I’ve found that my recovery experience can be kind of humorous. Of course there is a lot of dark stuff tied into it, I wouldn’t have developed a problem had there not been. But the process of anything emotionally difficult is easier with humor. Hence I will be writing a little bit about the humorous sides to my eating disorder and recovery experience on the blog, if ya’ll don’t mind. Not to worry though, there will still be recipes cause I’m always eating!

So I thought I’d share some funny tid bits about my treatment today since it actually ties in to today’s recipe.  In treatment, we all got menus with the exact amounts for each meal/snack so we would know how much we were getting. For example, a standard snack choices included 1/4 c almonds with a piece of fruit, or 2 graham crackers with 1 and a half tbs of peanut butter. There were lots of choices for each person, but all the choices were more or less the same caloric value. Some clients liked to have the least amount of anything as possible, as in least voluminous. They would choose 1/4 c nuts and 2 tbs of raisins over say, 3/4 cup cottage cheese with 1 and a half cups of melon.  I was not that kind of client. I like eating a lot and prefer volume over density. In fact, nut butters freaked me out cause I felt like per serving, I didn’t get that much. I still think its ridiculous ice cream companies expect me to eat their 1/2 cup serving! Sorry, Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry, but 1/2 cup serving of your delicious karamel sutra is just plain cruel!  My meal plan was increased a lot since I had a lot of weight to gain, so my snacks ended up being literally huge. I still like more bang for my buck, so to speak. My salads tend to be gigantic. But I’m happy to say I got over my fear of the density. I don’t know what I wouldn’t do without peanut butter these days! Ok, so maybe this isn’t hilarious, but I think its pretty funny when eight bowlfuls of popcorn ended up being my snack. I did have to learn that sometimes I just need to get the calories in me and there is simply no time to chomp on ten apples or eight bowls of popcorn.  Do I still like bulk, yes, but I also know I can’t just eat all day, so I balance by having nut butters, seeds, and other calorically dense foods. It’s all about balance after all right? But your probably wondering what this has to do with brocamole? well, brocamole is my way of adding some bulk to guacamole, plus giving it a punch of vitamin C and fiber. I also think it’s an excellent use for frozen veggies which are cheaper and usually have just as much vitamins as fresh! Heres what’s in the mix:

my nails in MUCH better condition thanks to my 4th of July manicure session!

-2 roasted garlic cloves (it was very garlicy, just how I like it, so you can use less if thats too intense for you)

-half an avocado

-three big “trees” of frozen broccoli (a good use for frozen veggies!)

– some grainy mustard

-squirt of lime

The "trees", avocado, and garlic, about to have a threesome

Blended all up and nearly double the serving size of normal guacamole. Of course, if cruciferous veggies arent your thing, or you dont like “eating in bulk”, you can omit the broccoli. And stay away from costco, you know the “bulk” mothership”.

18 thoughts on “Brocamole with Roasted Garlic, what Lies Ahead, and Funny “Bulk” Things….

  1. I was/am also that girl that had the biggest meal plan and really didn’t mind, as I love eating. Once I didn’t have a choice and had to do it, I was all about it. I never understood when people completely banished any food from their lives or honestly worried about an extra almond. This sounds contrary to an ED, I understand that, but we’re not all “text book” cases…

    Speaking of books-I love the idea. I have toyed with the same premise myself, as obviously I have a sarcasm about my own experience, but no patience to get it all out there. The blog is the closest thing I have, I guess! Look forward to the details 😉

  2. I do like to eat in volume but I drink things that are super calorically dense. Meaning, oz for oz, I think my coffee has more calories than most meals. I am not afraid of sugar and coconut milk that I dump!! into it. I do mean dump b/c i love my coffee super sweet and creamy…so yeah, I suck down my cals that way.

    I digress. Kelp noodles, saw your comment on april’s post…i hate them too! ugh! not for me, too crunchy!

    Your yoga 300 hrs…bit chunk to bite off but how wonderful! I just did mine and completed it this winter. not sure if you read my blog thru all that but i went from 200 hr RYT from 2001 to 500 hr ryt in 2010. Only took me 9 yrs to finally decide to up my game 🙂

  3. Thanks for swinging by my blog… because it led me to yours and I love it! I completely agree… I’m a volume eater… doesn’t matter how much protein or healthy “satiating” fat is in a snack, if it’s only a couple bites, it won’t satisfy me 🙂

  4. HA! costco is like heaven for me. i LOVE bulk hubba hubba hahaha sorry i had to.

    your book is going to be awesome. will i be receiving a signed copy? or perhaps be able to join you on the book tour..

    …just a thought…

  5. Certain people keep telling me to write a book about recovery… honestly, I don’t want to do that. But that’s my personal choice. I’m sure yours is going to be awesome, though… can’t wait to read it! 😀

    ❤ ❤

  6. I think a book is a great idea…it would definitely help others. Plus I think your writing style is very relatable!

    I need to attend one of your yoga classes! My form needs some help. 🙂

  7. I think a comedic take is a great thing actually. I have a background in writing. For my BA, my track was expository. As one project I wrote a biography/autobiography and had to read a ton of non-fiction. I think humor is always a good thing. Why make a tough topic even harder? Who wants to read that??

  8. WordPress doesn’t make the blogroll easy. Some themes might be different, but I had to add the “Links” widget to my sidebar and then fill in the blogs under the “Links” tab on the dashboard.

    Looking forward to reading about your experiences.

  9. Hey Sweetie,
    Just letting you know that I will get your book no matter what! I like your ‘humorous’ spin on it! I see it as a Chelsey Handler, Sarah Silverman-esque type memoir!?

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