FAQ’s when you’re a Chef and “Nooch” Pizza

me pretending to be a "killer" chef

Today’s recipe is really good, I’m actually currently eating it while typing! Yes, my roommate can attest that my Macbook is filled with crumbs and smudges from food. I’m not proud.

Anyhow, going to culinary school and being a girl gets a lot of people talkin. I’ve gotten all sorts of attention for the fact that I’m a chef. I’m not complaining, but its been interesting.  Today I got asked a few things at the store, which gave me the idea of writing a post about it.

I was at an asian grocery store (getting some daikon for my nooch pizza dinner!) when some woman took one look at me and said, “O could you, (look at my face) O, never mind”. She realized I wasn’t asian, and hence probably couldn’t help her finding her asian grocery item she was hunting.

“Well, I’m a chef, what do you need?” I responded. She wanted to make a “chinese chicken salad” and asked my where the pickled ginger was. I’m not Asian, and a week learning the ins and outs of sushi in culinary school doesn’t even give me an “honorary Asian” pass (I’m guessing neither does driving only Toyotas my whole life), but I know what pickled ginger looks like.

But when she heard I was a chef, she asked me what my favorite dressing was, which eggs were the best, which fish is freshest….If she only knew I usually make my own dressing!

When I was in culinary school, I often had to go shopping in my uniform and that when the questions REALLY started flowing! Ironically, I was still very much in y eating disordered world while attending culinary school. I was running about four hours a day and although eating, living by those strict “rules” I mentioned in my last post. But my chef instructors never really noticed how emaciated I was because chef clothes are so baggy.

After culinary school, when I went to inpatient treatment for my eating disorder, I was flooded with questions from other girls there about how I could deal with food so much and still have an eating disorder. The truth was, and I guess still is, I am foodie and cooking does bring me joy. I just abused it and I really abused exercise and used exercise as means to purge whatever food I let myself indulge in.

After treatment, I joined an internet dating site to try to be more social and hopefully build my newly repaired self-esteem. A girl chef? That set me apart, plus most men love food and what better than have your gf be a professional cook! Needless to say, all the dates were unsuccessful, some painful to even reminisce about (lets save those for another post, shall we?). And if any of you saw last season of millionaire matchmaker, I was in one of the episodes and chosen by both men mainly because I was chef (although I like to think it was my witty sense of humor and flat chest). You can see shots from the show here:


Anyhow, these days, I do not work in restaurant and have no intention to. I’m starting to advance my yoga teacher training next week and I think I’ll ultimatley want to hybrid those two passions of mine. Maybe a really good cafe with a yoga studio attached. I dont know about you, but I get really hungry after yoga! A lot of people get horny after yoga, but I’m not in that profession.

getting happy in the pan

Anyhow, today’s recipe! I got some nutritional yeast the other day (or as my bloggie friend Averie calls is, “nooch”).

Again, my ugly manicure! I promise, I'll get them redone this weekend guys!

I sauteed some shredded daikon and zuchhinni until soft (like hash browns), and smothered it on a crisped tortilla.

Then I simply chopped some chicken and sprinkled some nooch. As I mentioned before, I never liked cheese, but I oddly enough am falling more and more in love with nooch. I’ve been putting it on salads, mashes, yogurt, etc. I’ll try to come up with more creative things with it, but I was very busy today, so my dinner will have to do.

"noochified" pizza!

BTW, I think I’m addicted to Jay Robb’s strawberry Whey protein powder! I made it into pancakes and they were in no way dry. I’ m afraid I might end up buying those tubs I’ve been fearing!

I HAD to share my protein packed snack! they look and tastes like crepes!

23 thoughts on “FAQ’s when you’re a Chef and “Nooch” Pizza

  1. haha, I never knew what Nooch was till now. I love Nutritional Yeast. Its my new favorite ingredient!! Goes with everything. And Jay Robbs Strawberry whey is quite amazing….agreed.
    I love to hear about all you’ve overcome. Its so inspiring! And yes…..yoga makes me VERy hungry!

  2. OH MY GOD I REMEMBER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha i’m freaking out! haha seriously millionaire matchmaker is like the most amazing bravo show ever. well besides housewives obvi! i can’t believe you were on it!!! SO cool 🙂 please tell us more about it. hahah

    um promise me that when you open your yoga cafe that you’ll invite me to the grand opening and give me free food and free yoga? because obvi i’ll still be as poor as i am now.

    we’re soulmates. deej is making her infamous chinese chix salad this weekend.

    • O i MUCH rather be on housewives, or Top Chef, but as a judge, its too intense to compete! yea, that show got me like 1000 new facebook friends! LOL.
      Tell deej to save me some!

  3. Your pizza looks perfect! I just got some nooch too, so I’ll definitely try this out!

    Yoga studio + cafe is a really good idea. I actually know a few places like that, featuring natural, organic, vegan foods. Be sure to invite me when you open!!! 😀

  4. Jay Robb makes the best protein powder I’ve ever tasted, highly recommend you buy the tub. Vitamin Shoppe has the best price I’ve seen ($34.99). Yoga/Cafe is an excellent idea…I think I’m going to request “snack time” during the next class…

    • Yea, I’m heading over to the vitamin shoppe today cause I used up my sample packets! funny thing is, I dont think I’ll actually use them for a shake!
      I wil def have “snack” time at my next yoga class, I’ll rename the class “Yoga and Nibbles”

  5. Jay Robb’s strawberry Whey protein powder = have seen and heard the strawberry in brown rice is nasty but havent tried it. WANT TO b/c I am so sick of only vanil or choco that i would do anything for variety! glad to hear you say whey strawb is good.

    Loving the nooch pizza! And glad you’re dumping it on everything. I went from 0 to 60 with nooch over the past year…now, i use TONS, on everything!

  6. Love the idea of shredded zucchini and nooch together, yum! I am half Asian and not entirely sure what daikon is 😉 I think I’ve had it before, though!

  7. You totally crack me up! I love your humor because it is so much like mine and usually nobody gets my humor!!

    I for one would be way too intimidated to ask a chef a question…likely because the food related questions I ask are rather elementary and can be downright stupid. 🙂

  8. I had never heard of nooch before reading this….. but am very interested to see what it’s all about.
    Thats so rad you were on millionaire matchmaker!! I’ve seen only 1 episode….. I’m not a big reality tv watcher…. but I totally want to watch the one you were in now!!
    Protein powder….. i feel like that something I should try too…. I have about 12 food items that i eat right now… I’m trying to add more variety. I am loving your ideas!!

  9. I love nutritional yeast! I had it a lot when I was a kid (my mom’s vegetarian & it was a staple in our house), but have only recently been reintroduced to it, and am moderately obsessed. Pizza looks great.. and glad the pancakes turned out good 🙂

  10. Wow…your a chef and you do yoga?
    I would like to do yoga. I have no mind for it. And my computer is wonky and won’t play the free online classes.
    Nice idea for pizza. I do love cheese. I had NOOCH a while back and enjoy that also as an addition to things. Haven’t picked up anymore though cause money is tight.
    Interesting pancakes – not sure how you made them, but they look like crepes.

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