Ode to England and “breaking the rules”

the tin matches my nails!

I had a mad craving lately. You would think I’m preggers but no, I was craving for a little piece of nostalgia, something I had when I was a kid, something I only had abroad. Ladies and gentleman, I craved Heinz’s English baked beans in tomato sauce.

Now, whether or not we admit it, most of us have certain “rules” when it comes to our lives, out food, our jobs, our daily habit etc. I’ve been intrigued by Michael Pollan’s newest book, “Food Rules”. Rules like, “If it came from a plant, eat it; if it was made in a plant, don’t” and “eat all the junk food you want as long as you cook it yourself”.  I won’t get into the book too much, but I like one of the rules, “break the rules once in a while”.

Yes, not just in food, we all need to break the rules sometimes. In the past, I used to have strict rules about exercise, food, homework, sleep, ironic that growing up, my parents never really gave me a set of rules. They were very much into the movement of letting me make my own mistakes and learning from them.

Luckily, with the help of treatment, yoga, and a little bit of letting go, I relaxed my rules. But sadly, I still have them. Don’t fret, I have a point.

For the longest time, I’ve had rules or issues about giving in to cravings. I’d crave stuff that I would label as “bad” and didn’t want the guilt on me, so I’d deny myself.  Not even unhealthy stuff. For example, my tummy is sensitive to dairy and wheat, but I’d crave frozen yogurt like mad. If I were to give in, I’d not only feel physically sick, I’d feel “weak” for breaking my rules. So I tried to simply not give in to cravings, whether they were for healthy or unhealthy things.

But thats no way to live, and I’ve been trying relax more so when I saw a REAL British can of my all time favorite baked beans, I bought it and made me some veggie wennies and beans.

When I was a lot younger and naive, I had this rule in my head that I could not have more than one serving of carbs at a time. I know better now. So I piled those beans on a brown rice tortilla. Its funny I made up that rule so long ago, because I love “carbs” on “carbs”.  It’s nice to know I’m wiser these days, but yes, I still struggle in other areas about “breaking rules”.  I’ll still run traffic lights when they are yellow, I’ll still buy diet soda shamelessly, and I’ll still think the best part of the gym is the steam room.

I challenge you t break one of your own rules this week. Drive a different way to work, don’t return every single email, eat, dare I say it, candy. Whatever it may be, you might be surprised how breaking the rules can sometimes feel so damn good.

If you’d like to recreate this meal yourself and can’t find the british tin, try mixing plain pinto beans with tomato sauce, worcestershire sauce, blackstrap molasses or agave, and any hot dog or veggie dog you desire (I used smart dogs, I love them!). heat it up and enjoy this british delacacy. Tradiationally, its “beans on toast” but I ran out of toast so I made do with a tortilla. Its also usually served with a grilled tomato which is actually really delicious.

Ok, now go break some rules (but if you end up in jail, I’m not bailing you out).

the money shot, right before consumption

11 thoughts on “Ode to England and “breaking the rules”

  1. I love this because every day I’m trying to break one of my own rules at least once, and the rules I have are ridiculous and make no rational sense (don’t like dairy two meals in a row but can have it if there’s a meal in between, if I have rice at lunch I don’t want it at supper, if I walk a mile today I have to walk at least a mile tomorrow, etc.) Like I said, they’re not rational but they give me a weird sense of security. I hate weighing the mental discomfort and guilt with actually breaking a rule, so I tell myself it’s easier to just avoid the challenge. Ironically, when I do actually break a rule, I find I’m glad I did.

    So, like I said, I loved this post and love that you’re also challenging yourself. Most of the time the pressures we feel are all self-imposed. The emails will still be there in an hour and the world will not implode if you let your phone ring. Great post!

  2. Thanks so much Abby, it really means a lot coming from you. Its funny we are so afraid of rule breaking that when we actually do it, we feel liberated. Its all about being flexible, whether it be with you food or your life, breaking rules is necessary. But a word of caution, I believe sometimes we do not always feel great after rule breaking, and it my feel awful, but I believe its important to learn to tolerate the discomfort, and let it pass. Its like exercising a muscle, it’ll be sore, but its still getting stronger .

    • Trust me, I know it’s not always liberating. In fact, most of the time it sucks, but there’s usually that little part of you that feels proud of having a “healthy” accomplishment. Not always, but sometimes 😉 Baby steps and giant leaps!

  3. Oh ya, am all about myy froyo when I want it. I just make sure to bring some beano or lactaid to help with some discomfort, haha! baked beans and ketchup are a childhood favorite of mine. Brings back such carefree memories!

    Glad you are going to try the brownies. Let me know who you like them! THey definitely hit the spot for my sweet tooth. 🙂


    I loved your bday present when you are 21…..so amazing!!

  4. Hey Sweetie!
    I LOVE WF EVERYTHING! This is what I tell my clients- it’s a BASE! work with it! For example, the PB; add some sweet and low (or splenda, stevia etc) and cinnamon, some sugar free syrup (Davinci, Torani,Monin etc OR SF PANCAKE syrup) stir (it’ll still be think) and you can either freeze it for a bit or use it. Change the flavor profile. I have had some really bad jars and some good ones- I think the batches vary! Also, I make a KILLER Asian Peanut Satay with it and my all time favorite it to mix it into ProteinIce cream (like ribbon chunks) or I make the best high fiber pie crust with it. I need to post that recipe! The Asian is SO freaking good! Take some jumbo mushrooms (white) take the stem off, add cajun seasoning and the Asian dressing and microwave. It is SO good. Sorry this is SO long- I get a little excited talking about incorporating WF and getting creative!

  5. GIRL you GET YOUR BEANS ON. just don’t forget about the beano before and after 🙂 i hope you enjoyed every single little minute of the beans AND that you eat them again today and throughout the entire holiday weekend. screw food rules. because FOOD RULES. hahahahahaha i had to.

  6. I am so over the food rules I imposed on myself as well. And since I’ve lightened up I feel and look so much better! I’m glad you had the baked beans…I remember how delicious those were!! I haven’t had them in ages.

    Where are you in LA? There is a store/tea place in Santa Monica called Tudor House that has all things English, including afternoon tea, PG Tips, and Heinz Baked Beans!

    PS – Aziz Ansari rocks.

    • yes! I totally know that store! I got it at Vicente Foods in Brentwood, very posh store, and yes, those beans were way overpriced! We should do a blogger meetup sometime!

  7. Hi, I noticed a comment u left on Malpaz, and linked over here…relatable blog…I am gaining also…but not exercising…which makes things incredibly difficult!
    Great choice on the beans and weiners. A favorite of mine growing up.

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