“Whey to Go” Flapjacks and “Virgin Territory”

Happy monday, and it is indeed. I actually like this monday. I teach yoga in the evening, which I love, no kiddie dessert class to teach cause they are on summer break (and no offense to them, but I’m tired of those sugar buzzed 9 nine year olds), and I got a good upper body work-out in. That’s right, my biceps are still throbbing. So I’ve been on a mini quest to find the perfect protein powder to make a “commitment” to. Why “commitment”. Well for one, they are sold in tubs resembling costco mayonnaise which scare me for some reason. What scares me more is the price. I compare prices to items from trader joes, for example, “O my goodness, 30 bucks? thats like 15 Trader Joe’s greek yogurts or 15 two buck chucks!”.

So I’ve been trying to buy sample envelopes to try out protein powders. Now I must say, I am a protein powder virgin. I really dont think I NEED it, I eat plenty of meat, soy, and dairy…but to be honest, with flavors like “cake batter” and “cookies n cream”, I was curious to try them out in baked goodies. Plus, sometimes I dont want to cook up a whole fish for dinner, sometimes, I want pancakes for dinner, and what a good way to get in that “protein group” than in protein powder pancakes. So today, the shop only sold one type of single serving packets, Jay Robb’s Whey protein. So I bought is and this is what I added for the flapjacks:

-1/2 packet of Jay Robb’s Whey protien

-1 egg plus two whites (or use 1/2 cup egg sub)

– 1/8tsp baking powder

-2 tbs wheat bran

-splash of almond milk

I whizzed it in the magic bullet, and made, three GIANT pancakes! I topped it with some apricots and chocolate chips I found in the pantry. Then I thought it needed a “cream” factor, so I blobbed 2% cottage cheese mixed with an old jar berry preserves I found in the back of my fridge.

Look how many I made!

I was surprised I actually liked the taste of the protein powder. Who would have thought. Plus, I like that its got all natural ingredients and I can not only pronounce but spell all the ingredients on the back. Now THATS a feat.

My ugly old manicure again, this is the shot before it headed straight to my mouth, your licking the screen now, right???

The lovely cottage cheese and preserve goodness, all rolled in a protein packed pancake

So am I the only one that has this hang up about protein powders?

On another note, I’m still really digging almond butter in tuna salads, I’m currently polishing one off right now.  Are my tastebuds simply out of wack or is this legitimate that I cant get enough of this combo?

8 thoughts on ““Whey to Go” Flapjacks and “Virgin Territory”

  1. oh yummy! I wish I could eat wheat bran….maybe flaxseed would work?! I can’t believe you have a 300hr yoga training, thats intense! I bet you’ll love every moment though.
    Sorry I haven’t posted a lot lately. We’ve been on the road and I’ve been sick, ugh! What’d you like to see up next on the blog?


  2. I have to confess that I often measure the cost of things out in Greek yogurt…no shame in my game! Anyway, I try and get my protein from food sources on their own, as I think most people consume too much anyway, but I get where you’re coming from. (Actually, I just had years of dating a bodybuilder about 10 years ago and got burned out on the “chemical” powders I overconsumed.)

    There are so many great natural powders out there now that I don’t blame you for experimenting. If I had the balls to spend the money and get more creative, I might do so myself. Buying nutritional yeast untested as an additional protein source was a daring splurge…about five Oikos plain Greek yogurts 😉

  3. Nope you’re definitely not alone there! I’ve never and still don’t believe that, even on a vegan diet, one needs protein powder. I mean, we get enough protein by consuming whole grains, soy, dairy (if vegetarian), and a little from certain vegetables. But with those tempting flavors, I had to get my hands on some chocolate whey powder! I sometimes use them to make pancakes too, or stir them into overnight oats for chocolatey delight, into smoothies, or make some chocolate milkshake 🙂

  4. Abby, I’ve told you this before, we must be the same person 😉
    Elaine, you are very right, I don’t think I’ll go out of my way for powders but if I find one for super cheap it could be cool. I dont like ANY type of milk plain so this would be cool for shake of some sort. And there is a overconsumption of protein in most of america, I’m on a bigger mission to find non dairy form of calcium

  5. girlfran you know i love me a good protein powder! try allstarhealth.com you can get them REALLY cheap there! one time i bought the optimum nutrition 16 or so packets of samples so i could have a variation of samples 🙂 it was good times haha but thats usually how i buy my powders online and CHEAP.

    for the record i totally eat my pcakes the same way and with my not so well mani-ed hands haha

  6. I go back and forth with protein powders…phases where I will even put it in my greek yogurt (talk about a protein bomb) to make it chocolate (or whatever flavor). Lately I’m off that kick and have been trying to eliminate processed stuff across the boards. I’m sure I’ll be back to it at some point though.

    After seeing your pancakes, I may have to make some for dinner tonight. Yum!

  7. You have to try the Bio X Power Whey Isolate. Bio X will change your life. I did a review of their products under my ‘review’ section. I am in ‘the industry’ so if I’m willing to spend my own money on something, it’s GOTTA be good!!!! You look so cute in your header picture! Sorry the show didn’t workout! You handled it so well!

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