Lazy Sunday Eats, Smoked Salmon (no Shmear), and Reasons NOT to Exercise

This wasn't taken today, but this is generally how I look on Sundays

Sundays. I used to loath them in school, its like a day off, but not really cause you gotta be in bed early, prep homework, etc. I haven’t been in “school” (culinary or academic) for over two years and the way my work schedule is, Sundays aren’t all that special. I do love driving on Sundays, no traffic and I’am addicted the line up on NPR on Sundays (“car talk”, “This American Life”, yes, I’am a nerd).

I start my intensive, professional 300 hr Yoga Teacher training in two weeks.  I already completed a basic 200hr teacher training, but this is way more intense. I get to assist a senior teacher at Yoga Works and he serves as my “mentor”. Its kind of like an internship, only I’m paying them, oddly enough. In addition to assisting, I’ll learn more in depth yoga teaching techniques like teaching seniors, knocked up women, kids, etc. So I pulled myself together to go to a yoga class after neglecting yoga practice for this past week and hitting the gym during the weekdays. Its good to take days off, but today was not the day. I honestly much rather do rest days on days where I’m busy.  But in the spirit of Sunday being “lazy” for most everyone else (and whoever equated “lazy” with “no exercise” should be smacked), I thought I would give my list of excuses for not exercising. For those times you feel lazy or sluggish and don’t want a guilt trip for not exercising, use this list:

1) Gyms are usually filled with annoying people, macho meat-heads carrying 2 gallons of water or annoying chicks with layers of make up and the word “juicy” or “pink” plastered on their ass as they bbm someone on the treadmill

2) Too many attractive people at the gym and did I mention I look like shit when i’m sweaty and stinky, not pleasant

3) I have some episodes of Entourage, Spranos, and weeds to catch up on

4) Richard Simmons sweatin’ to the oldies in Daisy-Duke short-shorts, enough said

5) I believe in no pain, period

6) I dont need buns of steel, thank you very much, I prefer cinnamon buns

7) one word: spanx

8) You can always do it tomorrow…or the day after that… or the day after that….

segregation, tee hee

Ok so on to today’s recipe….I was about to go to my usual, boring, tuna salad for lunch today (my pantry is still stocked with tuna since I hoarded them when they were on sale), when I realized I bought smoked salmon last week and haven’t opened yet. I have a thing about wasting food, so in the spirit of getting out of a rut and using up the salmon, I decided to concoct a new smoked salmon recipe. Being a Jew, I associate smoked salmon with red onions, capers, “shmear” (cream cheese or some other spreadable edible) and bagels. Well I didn’t have any of those ingredients so I simply chopped up the salmon and added:

-chopped celery

-chopped cucumber

-lemon juice


-1 hard boiled egg

-a spoonful of greek yogurt

-onion powder (I swear, if anything is bland and you dont want salt, onion powder will save it)

"yumms" said the roommate who normally loathes smoked fish

mix, mix, mix and gobble.  Its like an Omega 3 feast! Who said you can’t have smoked salmon without shmear? Enjoy your laziness!

My roommate and our lovely house guest for the next two weeks!

8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Eats, Smoked Salmon (no Shmear), and Reasons NOT to Exercise

  1. One of the buffest guys I know built himself with yoga. Never touched a weight in his life. Back when I managed a Dunkin’, the training videos directed employees to “shmear” the bagels. I always thought this was some odd misspelling of “smear,” since “schmear” also means to bribe. Clearly my Yiddish isn’t up to par. Thanks for clarifying!

  2. hahaha this is awesome because for half the weekend deej (my mom) and i have been talking about how I WANT smoked salmon in the house and how we neeed to find a recipe and make whitefish salad. two very jewish eats and two that i love haha. it’s a good thing i live on long island where the lox and whitefish are a plenty 🙂

    another reason to not go to the gym? it smells bad in the summer.

  3. Barncat, you made me laugh while drinking and i think it went up my nose…
    Julie, I made smoked salmon in culinary school, its SUPER easy but you need patience which I dont have when it comes to food! My gym is over-priced so they waste the money on perfuming the gym, but in the summer it just gets really annoying since the rich kids come out to try to look “hot” while on their summer break. Gag….

  4. I love your list! I usually try to make Sunday a rest day, because it just feels like it should be. ‘Lazy Thursday’ doesn’t really have the same ring.
    Today’s eats sound yummy- I’m a huge smoked salmon lover, so that’s right up my street.

  5. Love your blog! I just discovered it via meals & moves. Thanks for the awesome onion powder tip! That’s a great one.

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