Pumpkin, meet Tuna, what a good couple!

When I started thinking about blogging with mainly recipes, I had to think outside the box. There are so many recipe and food blogs out there, and I just really wanted to be different. Think of different flavor and texture combinations, or a least unusual ones.  For lunch today, I decided to change up my go-to tuna salad. I don’t mean to brag, but I make the BEST tuna salad. I leave my tuna cans in the fridge cause nothing is as good as a really nice and cold tuna salad! Temperature of food make a difference to me for some reason. Anyhow, I opened a can a of pumpkin a few days ago cause I was noticing how absent it was since the holiday seasons.  Mind you its hard to find! Most grocery stores don’t carry them this time of year!  I still had half a can left and didn’t want it to go to waste. I was not in the mood for mixing it up with cottage cheese or greek yogurt (the usual pumpkin pair). So I decided that maybe it should hook up with this tuna I was planning on hoofing down.  Turned out, they are a very good pair! Here’s what I used:

-1 can of cold chunk light tuna (yes, albacore is tasty, BUT it has a little mercury and chunk light is very low in mercury, plus, its mild flavor I think works better with the pumpkin)

-2 celery stalks chopped finely

-2tbs of dill relish

-thinly sliced napa cabbage (did I mention I have an obsession with napa cabbage? its actually healthier that the usual coleslaw mix!)

-1 tbs spicy mustard

-2tbs yellow mustard (I like my mustards!)

-sprinkle of dill (I used dried but if you can get your hands on fresh, way better flavor!)

-about 1/2 cup pumpkin (i didn’t really measure but about 3rd of the can 🙂

the pumpkin and tuna, before the mixing action!

had mine with a whole wheat flax tortilla! Its like Cinderella tuna (get it pumpkin, i know, I so not funny)

Mix it all up! I like it with spinach and crackers but its up to you what you pair this pair with.

12 thoughts on “Pumpkin, meet Tuna, what a good couple!

  1. Wow, this is like a Thanksgiving Tuna Salad! lol It look delicouse… I’m really compelled to give it a go! I’ve found that Tuna, despite its dissaproval from so many people, pair well with a multitude of foods. For instance, I made a Tuna and Peanutbutter Wrap the other day… I simply took a La Tortilla (love these things!), and spread 2 TBS Greek Yogurt, and 1 TBS Peanutbutter on it. Then, I chopped up some Cucumber and Onions, and Tuna. Seasonings included All Spice, Garlic Pepper, and Hotsauce. It was AMAZING… somewhat reminscent of Asian cuisine. Perhaps I’ll add some pineapple and/or carrots next time?

    On another note, I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your new blog thus far. I used to follow nutricous junk, and really admire the journey you’ve made. I’ve struggled with similar issues… Anorexia to the point of death, compulsive exercise, “binging” on health foods, orthorexia… you name it (unfortunatley). It’s great that you’ve gotten help though and that you’ve been able to foster your passion for cooking. I wish you the best with your health, and hope that you can continue to progress toward happiness. Keep up the great work, I know it’s HARD.

    And keep blogging too!


  2. This sounds amazing! I’m sick of eating my plain ol’ can of tuna…thanks for the delicious alternative. By the way, I once mixed Tuna and Almond butter and lived to talk about it…not so bad I must say….

  3. Josh, Peanut butter and tuna aint bad, you just need to keep it on the spicy side, not sweet. Its even BETTER with cashew butter! o how I love nut butters!

  4. thats a new combo…sounds perfect!! I wonder if it would work with canned salmon, too fishy you think?
    Oh and milk or soy milk is a great recovery because of the carb/protein ratio. I wish almond had the same stats. Thats why we used the lactose free Honey Milk. Perfect balance of natural sugars, carbs, and protein for recovery. Delicious tooo!

  5. pumpkin + tuna!!? is that FOR REAL. genius. i have got to try that except you wouldnt catch that celery near me hahah its about the only veg i can’t stand.

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