CPK’s Thai Peanut Pizza Redo!

As I mention a few posts ago, I’m not a cheese person, never was. Hence when I was little, I was head of heels in love with California Pizza Kitchen’s Thai Chicken pizza! My mom and I used to indulge in it often and I have fond memories of sharing a pizza after light shopping. I liked it cause it was loaded with so much yummy stuff that it didn’t need cheese (cause ordering “bread” and “sauce” doesn’t always taste great).  I redid it with a healthy twist!

you’ll need

-whole wheat or rice tortilla

-2 tbs spicy mustard

-splash of hot sauce

-tbs peanut butter

-lime juice

-shredded chicken or pieces of baked tofu

-cole slaw mix (NOT dresses, just some cabbage and carrots)

-green onion (optional garnish)

-peanut pieces (garnish, optional)

Heat the tortilla on a pan so it gets nice and crispy. Mix the mustard, hot sauce, and peanut butter and the lime juice o thin it out and spread on the tortilla

partners in crime

lay on the chicken/tofu and the cabbage! You can garnish with green onions and peanuts (i didn’t cause I was out of both). Its best eaten cold to be honest.  I love peanut butter and spice! what a cool combo!

Crunch, spicy, and yet creamy too!