Happy Father’s Day Recipes, and a Thank You Note to my Dad

Happy Father’s day. Sadly, my dad is out of town and I won’t be spending father’s day with him. My roommate’s dad lives in New Jersey (we live in L.A.) so I guess we’ll be celebrating their absence together. I have a wonderful recipe for you that’s healthy and great to make for dad for breakfast! But before that I’d like to dedicate part of this post to thanking my father. As some of you may remember, my mother died when I was thirteen and my dad was both a mom and dad for me during the most important years of my maturation. I don’t know if he’l actually read this, but I’d like to publicly thank him and hope to inspire you loyal reader to appreciate the father or father figures in your life.

Dear Abba (its what I call him šŸ™‚

Thank you. Thank you for being my Dad. Thank you for tucking me in at night, and waking me in the morning when school started so painfully early. For sitting through my tantrums when I was young when I couldn’t decide on what kind of cereal I wanted, for cleaning my vomit-laden sheets when I got salmonella when I was three. Thank you for telling me I’m a genius after getting a bad grade, for putting up with my driving when i first got my license and for getting me a car. I still cant believe you did that! Thank you for not doubting my driving when I got in a car accident and for being there in the hospital when I got surgery from that accident. Thank you for eating the foods I didn’t like that were served on my plate in restaurants, and for sharing your meal so I wouldn’t be hungry. Thank you for giving me the window seat on the airplane leaving you stuck in between me and some other dude that hogged the arm rest. I really thank you for telling me I needed help when I was at my lowest weight, and for supporting me unconditionally to this very day. Thank you for punishing me in times you needed too, and thank you for being a sport and buying me tampons and other girlie stuff. Thank you for sitting through those chick flicks (even though I’m sure you liked some of them!) and sitting through my school plays. Thanks for understanding my reasons to leave college for culinary school, for leaving culinary school for rehab, and for leaving rehab to train to be a yoga instructor. Thank you for being strong when mom died, and for being there for her throughout her cancer treatment. Thank you for “doing” my mom and conceiving me! Smooth move dad! Thank you for taking my calls when I was upset, when I was happy, when I was in pain, or for when I was so confused. Thank you so much. I love you, I thank you for being you. I couldn’t have asked for a better dad.

Love, kookie (what he calls me šŸ™‚

Ok, now that I’ve sobbed on my keyboard….Let’s get this pancake recipe underway!

-3/4 cup egg whites or egg sub

-3 tbs flaxseed meal

-1/8 tsp baking powder

-dash on cinnamon (optional)

-tsp vanilla or almond extract

Mix it up well with a blender or mixer and simply cook on a well greased side until you see tiny bubbles in the pancake (about 2 min on each side). Serve with syrup, almond/peanut butter, or my personal favorite, warm stewed berries! makes about 2 BIG pancakes or a bunch of small ones.

I like BIG ones so mine made two, but you can probably squeeze four "normal" ones out of the recipe

before the big flip

My Dad and I,and no, he's not some hawaiian king, he's too short and skinny for that

3 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day Recipes, and a Thank You Note to my Dad

  1. awww great post girl šŸ™‚ your dad sounds like a stellar man if you ask moi!

    i thiiink next year you should make him those pancakies for the big day šŸ™‚

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