Full O’Flax Waffle!

gorgeous right! I like it with whipped cream but you could go healthy and cause it with a warm berry sauce and greek yogurt

birds eye view shot

So a little tid bit about me, I’m the only person in my family born in the United States. Yes, I’m a mutt. My dad’s Belgian, I actually am too since I’m his daughter so I have a Belgian passport (I have three different passports! different colors too!).  Anyhow, I go to Belgian almost every year. My Grandmother still lives there and I’ve been going almost twice a year since I was born. So I was bred to like good chocolate and good waffles.  I indulge in REAL Belgian waffles when I visit. There are lots of different kinds in Belgium and what you find at IHOP is definitely NOT what you’d find there!  Anyhow, I thought I’d make my own, healthier version. I just bought a waffle iron for 16 bucks at Target and its wonderful so I think its a good investment.  Heres what I used, you can modify to your liking: -1/2 egg sub or whites, or two whole eggs -2 tbs flaxseed meal (or 2tbs Coconut flour, I used flaxseed meal for this) -1/8tsp baking powder -dash of cream of tartar -tsp of extract of choice (get creative! I used banana!) mix all the ingredients up in a blender/magic bullet/mixer and pour in a in a circular motion in the waffle pan. Spray your pan if it tends to stick but mine didnt need extra greasing! slipped right off! Look how beautiful!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Full O’Flax Waffle!

  1. That is one scrumptious-looking waffle right there. My friend Jennie just got back from Bruxelles and Bruges. Apparently there’s some separatist movement among the Flemish-speakers going on over there, but the architecture is pretty neat. Parlez-vous français ou flamand/en néerlandais?

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