Weekend eats: My Kinda Pizza!

There are very few foods I do not like, some foods make me feel ill, but I still love them.  But the one food I simply do not like is hard cheese (cheddar especially). I DO like cottage cheese for some reason (although I’m picky about that as well. I hate most non-fat cottage cheeses and I find some brands too salty.  So when I make “pizza” I make it with some cottage cheese. This pizza is an individual one for people who dont like sharing their food, like me! Heres what I do:

Warm up a tortilla in the pan until toasty (it should get firm, like a chip)

Sautee eggplant (leftover from eggplant overload a few posts ago), zucchini, and mushrooms and top the tortilla (dont put “sauce” here like you may be used to, it makes it soggy)

spread it out on the tortilla! mmmm you can see the steam!

Then…..Mix cottage cheese with about 1/4 cup salsa!

spread it out on the tortilla! mmmm you can see the steam!

Then proceed to do a fancy culinary trick and stackfresh basil leaves, roll them like a cigar or sushi (or a joint…..) and slice very thinly

your basil "cigar" or "joint" should look something like this

Put the cheese n’ salsa mixture on top of your veggies, the sprinkle your sliced basil on top.

The yummy result! It survived for about four minuets this afternoon before I inhaled it


So on a side note, please feel free to post recipe requests or maybe things you’d like “healthified” or perhaps ingredients you like to see put into a recipes that you normally have no clue what to do with. Happy Saturday!


4 thoughts on “Weekend eats: My Kinda Pizza!

  1. Oh gosh, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who doesn’t like cheese! The only “cheeses” I like are cottage cheese and Laughing Cow! The Pizza looks delicious!

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