Flaxseed and Rosemary Focaccia

What is it with me and Italian stuff lately? I don’t know why but I was missing rosemary lately. I remember my mother grew it on our garden as a kid. I think its one of my favorite spices! Lovely with potatoes, of course, but also great when roasted with cashews and other various nuts. I even made an classic french vanilla cake with specs of rosemary in culinary school (it was one of our exams, a “mystery box” of items and one of the items to make a dessert with was rosemary!).  I know, this picture does not look lovely but it smells and tastes good, I promise!

Heres whats in the mix:

-1/4c flax seeds

-1/2 c greek yogurt (2% or 0% is fine)

-3/4 c egg sub/egg whites or 3three whole eggs

-palmful of rosemary

-garlic powder

-onion powder

-1 scoop unflavored plain whey protein

-a few pinches of salt

mix it up with a hand mixer (or I use the handy dandy magic bullet!). but in a baking dish and bake at  350 for about 25 min until golden brown. Simple and aroma to make your neighbors.


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