Eggplant overload? Tiramisu, perhaps?

Confession: I sometimes tend to hoard sale items.  Case in point, eggplant was on sale for 89 cents each. So I bought four.  I had it on top of this pizza-ish thing I eat regularly (sauteed veggies, in this case, eggplant, on top of a tortilla with some olives and tomato sauce).  But alas, I still had lots’o eggplant in da house! so I thought, hmmm…..dessert? perhaps. I did see eggplant used as french toast, so I thought, why not simulate the method but spin it a bit and make tiramisu! a veggie tiramisu! Weird? yes….the Italian mob is sure to come after me, how dare I tamper with this Italian classic! Thank goodness I dont live in New Jersey (also a good perk to be away from people like “the situation” and “snooki”). Heres what you need:

-1 peeled eggplant (just use a peeler)

-1 tablespoon instant coffee or espresso (if your fancy like that and have a machine, or if you live at starbucks)

-1tsp vanilla extract

-1tsp amaretto and/or almond extract (can be done without these but its a great touch!)

-1 egg or about 1/4c egg sub or 2 egg whites

-splash of almond milk (any milk will do, almond works good though with this)

-about 1/3 cup cottage cheese or ricotta cheese (I didnt have ricotta on hand) blended with about 1/4cup greek yogurt

-a packet of sweetener of choice (stevia, agave, splenda, dare I say it…SUGAR)

-cocoa powder (for dusting)

Mix the egg with the milk, coffee, and the extracts. Submerge the eggplant slices and let them chill for about ten min, the more the merrier! turn them over though so all sides get marinated. On a well Pam-ed or buttered pan, cook slices about five min on each side, yes, they may take a while, dont worry, they shouldnt burn but keep an eye out.  When they are cooked on both sides, combine your cottage cheese, greek yogurt, sweetened mixture and dump on top. Dust plenty of cocoa powder and eat your heart out! Now go launder money or something so you blend in 😉

finished product!!!

P.S. I used some of the extra eggplant to make french toast “sticks”

the "Sticks" great for maple syrup or almond butter dipage!

6 thoughts on “Eggplant overload? Tiramisu, perhaps?

  1. I’ve been trying to make eggplant french toast following another bloggers recipe, but mine just continued to taste like eggplant! Any ideas of what I’m doing wrong??

  2. how long are you soaking them? and what are you u soaking them in? Also they cook on the pan for a while! way longer than toast. about six min. Slice them thin too. Let me know how it works out! PS. VERY good with almond butter and maple syrup!

  3. I soaked them in egg whites, vanilla, stevia, and cinnamon. Hmm.. maybe I cut them too thick, b/c they were pretty thick!! I’ll have to try it again 🙂

  4. wow…haha i have been trying to incorporate every veggie sometime in my foods and eggplant has been one i always pick up and stare at in the market!!! this is so creative… will definitely try it… so i need to soak for a while??

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