Muffin Meatloaf!

I love meatloaf! But to be honest, I do not like the “loaf” part. Its hard to know what a good, satisfying but not too filling slice ought to be. Plus, it requires dirtying another knife I have to clean and since culinary school is about 60% just doing dishes, I’m done cleaning for this lifetime! My meatloaf recipe is healthy, portion controlled, and my roommate can attest, irresistable!

Heres whats in the mix

-1.25 lb lean or extra lean ground turkey (that’s how they sell most ground turkey)

-1 large or two small grated zucchini

-1/4c flaxseed meal

-2 egg white or 1 whole egg

-about 1/4 cup chunky salsa

-a few pinches of onion powder, garlic powder, nutmeg, paprika, cumin, pepper

-1 tbs chopped garlic (or one chopped clove)

-two large handfuls of spinach (wilt in the microwave or sautee beforehand with the garlic)

Mix with a fork (or use your hand, but I find a for actually works better). Fill tins and bake at 400 for 30min. Let cool and top your favorite tomato product. Salsa works, but I like hot wing sauce on it! I paired the plate here with mashed frozen veggies (cauliflower and broccoli, zipped up with roasted garlic in my “magic bullet”), and roasted spaghetti squash. So colorful, you know your eating something good for you!


4 thoughts on “Muffin Meatloaf!

  1. yep, great way to get the omegas! plus, did you know the only way your body can absorb them is when you have them ground up or in the “meal” form. The whole seeds themselves, although attractive, go right through you.

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