Welcome to the Next “Nutritious Junk” chapter!

Chef's coat and uggs, classy! and of course, the unofficial Trader Joe's spokesperson!

Hello all,

For those Nutritious Junk fans and newbies, this is a continuation of the food saga I started four years ago, when I was merely a freshman in college. A lot has happened since then….Went to culinary school (or Culinary “Boot Camp” as I like to refer to it), went to rehab for my long time battle with my exercise addiction, trained to become a certified yoga instructor, did a little stint on reality T.V. (so I guess I’m a “Bravo-leberity?”), etc.

So what now?

I’m a part time cooking teach for elementary school kids, private chef and part time yoga instructor. But I’ve been lonely lately and

I really miss my blogging community. So this is my coming out entry, or coming out AGIAN.

I’ll try to have each post be a new recipe, review, or yoga workout tip.  Nutritious Junk was mainly reviews but I’ve developed so many healthy recipes I’m DYING to share that be prepared to be seeing more of those. I’ll also be chronicling the delicious meals I enjoy, life in recovery, my new apprenticeship with a senior yoga instructor at Yoga Works (coming up in July), and my quest to build up my muscle and strength train (cause lord know, a waif like me needs it!). Stay tuned!

One thought on “Welcome to the Next “Nutritious Junk” chapter!

  1. I am so glad that you reminded me to add your new blog to my blog roll! I like making the dip into a fondue a lot (hence the thinning out with Yogurt etc). So glad you are living life and facing your exercise addiction head on! Have a wonderful week and looking forward to reading more from you!

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